A question for the architects and builders


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I often see old castles and ruins on TV and think all it needs is some timber work and its up and running again . Ok I know its a bit more than that but given that the public are allowed to roam around these towering walls that are not tied in by timber floors and roofs I'm pretty sure that adding the above would not be a problem .
What am I missing here ?
Apart from a few million quid and the local council in my pocket .


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Some times it happens...

I saw this place near Penrith when I cycled the Walney to Wear route several years ago. I've only seen it in its restored form and I had to do a double take when I saw it for the first time. It's available as a holiday let.




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You have to comply with current building regs. Lots of additional stuff make refurbished as much and in some cases more than newbuild in terms of cost. Additional issues arise when a building is listed or a national monument. Other side of the chanel is different. Visited a medieval chateau in Brittany a couple of years ago where it had been rebuilt using concrete and modern buildings materials but in a medieval style. Stirling castle is similar.


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If you have the time look at igloo building where you will find house building at its most basic: you place this thing on the top of this thing and crawl inside, much like building a den as a kid. Once you start thinking about sustainable foundations you come up against a multitude of problems.
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