A Raleigh Firefly Bicycle


I have been offered a Raliegh Firefly 18 Speed FS bike which seems to be in good condition for £ 80 is it a bargin at that price or not . Also has anybody got any feedback on Ralieigh Firefly Bikes ?


I have a Raleigh Firefly from around 2001/2002. It came with 26" wheels, 3 x 6 Shimano SIS gear components and knobbly tyres, no-name revoshifters and steel frame. No suspension. Silver and red paint job. Cost new - £149.

If it is the same model (and I think Raleigh dropped them a few years ago) £60 might be a bit ott.

Since I got mine it has been modified for touring and winter commute. I fitted proper mudguards and a rack for panniers and then a suspension seatpost and better saddle. Touring tyres were added for a C2C trip.

One of the revoshifters failed and I got a pair of shimano ones (better than originals and with 7 speeds). Halfords had a 7 speed freehub for £15 so upgraded to 3 x 7 speed.

Componentry all very basic, so easy to maintain. BB has loose bearings but recently replaced with a sealed cartridge BB.

It now serves as my bad weather commute. Main drawback now is that it has MTB gearing on roads so not too quick.

If you intend to buy check BB for wear, wheel bearings and revoshifters for damage.


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I had one. My son has it now.

Sound bike. Got it in the Hawk Cycles Queen's Golden Jubilee sale ( 2003 ) for £74 NEW!.

Completely stripped the V brakes and reassembled them properly before it went out the front door.

I relaced the wheels with stainless spokes. Fitted slick tyres. Fitted AHead adaptor and AHead stem. Chopped the HBars shorter. Fitted elastomer seatpost. SPD pedals.

I rode it 13 miles to work and 13 miles home when I was on evening shift at Jaguar Cars.

Put it back to standard when my son had it.

Offer him £25.
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