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What’s the point
Some of you may recall my post in the cleaning bike thread about it being expensive for me last time.

it gets weird now its all back together and I am commuting after a few weeks off the bike.

its easier to cycle at the same speed possibly even quicker on road. tyres are at same pressures- brakes were not rubbing, teeth numbers are exactly the same on front rings and cassette . so whats the reason ??

I was expecting a week or so of being tired as i got fitness back.

Not complaining mind .


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The title sounds like a David Bowie song.


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I find the same after going away for two weeks on business and drinking too much beer and eating too much hotel food while taking zero exercise; I actually feel stronger, which reminds me how important rest is as a part of training.

young Ed

might have been worse conditions last time, or clothing? they can all make a slight difference but noticeable by all means.
either that or you're just remembering wrong and in fact you aren't going any faster?
Cheers Ed


I often find if I've had a couple of week off, or longer, my legs feel stronger when I get back on. I've always imagined it has something to do with muscles having had time ot hea up properly (on the basis that muscle growth is about micro-tears) - though I'm sure someone will be along to tell me otherwise - which would be interesting. :smile:

Not just you though.
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