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Hello. I'm a recreational cyclist who does maybe 25-30mile rides. Twice now over the last year I've come back from a ride with no problems at the time, to develop tenderness in a testicle. There was no "ow, that hurt" moments during the ride but comes on a few hours post ride. Ive got some decent dhb padded shorts and have had a bike fit. Ive recently had a saddle fit and a new saddle and have had one of my incidents was on this new saddle, but the other was on my old saddle. Ive ridden about a dozen times on my new saddle with no problems.
I'm really at a loss as to what it could be and how to remedy it and wondered if anyone has experienced it and has any advice?
I've never had that happen. Think I'd be visiting the doc.


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Docs first for a general check up...

I suffer PVPS (after a snip) and mine kill me after rides, but there is bugger all I can do. All checked for nasties.


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Go see a doctor immediately. You never know.

I had an identical experience which turned out to be epididymitis. Ultrasound was used to confirm diagnosis. Bad enough, but there are also worse possibilities.


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That's what came first to my mind. Where do your testes go when you're in the saddle? In most conditions mine actually nip up into the abdomen, which is Nature's defence mechanism. Occasionally though one stays out to hang around and it can be awkward. Many many years ago I crushed one when I abbed down a cliff in a makeshift harness made from tape loops. It hurt for a couple of years after that, I had a scan but that showed nothing and the pain subsided eventually.
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Deffo GP to rule out anything serious. What age are you, generally more at risk of TC when younger, but also in older fellas.

You shouldn't be in any pain after a ride,
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