A story about two beautiful white doves


God Almighty
Left open the bathroom window due to a bit of a stinker being laid, and came back a while later to see a dove sitting on the window with crap all over the floor.

These doves also enjoy landing on my window which is just above my head, as I leave this open during the night - beeing greeted by "coooooo coooooo" at 4am wears off as a novelty.

There are two of these doves, a male and a female. On the next road a family used to keep a trucklode of these pests, but having moved house these doves now seem constantly on the prowl for somewhere to live - and they keep choosing my friggin bedroom. Caught them in there multiple times. It was cute the first time, funny the second. But after the 10th I am considering purchasing a shotgun license.

two questions:
1) is it illegal to kill doves
2) can they be cooked?


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1) Who would know ? ;)

2) Take your pick http://www.backwoodsbound.com/zdove.html :thumbsup:
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