A tragic story that brought a tear to my eye

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I was travelling in my car today,i don't normally listen to Radio 2 but i was flicking channels, then i heard this tragic story. A 13 year old cyclist was killed by an habitual criminal racing his car at 80mph! On top of that the girl's father had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.:sad:

Please go to 1hour 9 minutes 40 seconds on the link provided. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episod...scusses_the_badminton_players_facing_charges/


I'm not trying to sensationalise what happened to this family all i want is for folk out there to realise how we and our loved ones put their lives in others hands every time we go out on a bike. I must admit her story made me pull over and take account of how lucky we are to not have to go through what this family had to. I cannot put into words what i think about the low life who killed the girl, and i shudder to think that there are people out there who regard the lifes of others as so meaningless that they are prepared to indulge in such evil and reckless actions..

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I had it on whilst driving down to the LBS, brought a tear to my eye, what an incredible, brave a general lovely person the mum is
The part of this story which more than brings a tear to my eye is the absurd sentences handed down to those convicted. Bearing in mind the awful driving and the potential maximum sentence, one has to ask what it would take for someone to get the maximum sentence allowed in law. I have no detailed knowledge of this case, other than what is contained in the linked article, but it would seem to me that the judge was on another planet at the time he decided on the gaol terms. I wish Mrs Hofmeister luck in her campaign for longer sentences.


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I caught the tail end of this today on R2. Absolutely heart breaking. Jones and Burnell should have both got 10 years in jail, meaning to serve 10 years and each a life time driving ban. One 13 year old girl dead and her friend seriously injured. The mother of Amy Hormeister showed tremendous composure. But sadly nothing will change.

The drivers are scum, a waste of space. It is a pity we don't have the death penalty.
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