...about a wk back...


I was enjoying a ride, believe me it was pretty good...:biggrin:

Anyhow, on one of my fave roads, I'm riding along and listening, am i, to the music (on the phone) but not soo loud to deafen' the traffic noise.

There are cars intermitently parked on the left of the road, the road being a very slight false-flat up...(to give you the basis of the road) leading up to a r-about.

Anyhow, become aware of a beeping, Im going well about 15mph, not struggling, as the road steepening to the r.about.

So I turn around and behind is a jeep (copy) vehicle with 2 women in and the driver is motioning for me to get out of the way, which is not possible as there are cars on the left as mentioned and the other side of the road is quite the same but not so many cars parked.

Just before the roundabout approaches no cars parked so she ovetakes/passes and you know that time when you either look sideways wating to see if they look...

Well I never look to see the reaction only seeing what the animations were in the car once past...

The moral is: Ive noticed quite a few drivers now seem to think cyclists are to be beeped, shouted at', or driven off the road to get out of the way nowadays.

As it seems they dont feel cyclists have the right to be on the road and thats the feeling Im getting

And it seems to be growing.

Whats it like in your area :rolleyes:

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Kirton, Devon.
On a bad day, pretty much the same. Here in the Oxford area there's quite a bit of cycle action going-on which I think does make drivers slightly more used to cyclists and hence more tolerant, but, there are still a few twats about once in a while who think cyclists are aliens and should be wiped off the face of the earth, intimidated, shouted at, be the target of rage, shown their ignorance of the HC...

I could continue...but I might burst a blood vessel.


Ive had this Kirst' and Im sure it unnerved you as it sure bloody well did me and it wasnt eve night.

One day, just one, they will regret this ! :biggrin:

Upto that point and beyoind I'll try and keep calm
Kirstie said:
It's not just if you're on the road either. As I was night riding the other day, in a forest but close to a road, someone leant out of their car window and started shouting and laughing at me. I'm not really sure why.


I feel lucky. I get well treated mostly. Compared to some of the stories on these forums I lead a charmed life. It's not perfect but pretty good.

Coming on here and other places has given me a sense of perspective and I'm a much calmer bunny because of it. :biggrin:


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Whats it like in your area

Crap...full ofChavy losers and white van man. The actual scenery and roads are great cycling but these morons do everything they can to spoil it. Their view is simple, you are in their way and deserve to die, but only after they have verbally abused you. I hate scum like that.
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