absolute nutter cyclist in notts


was quite amused, and impressed :biggrin:
http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=1575402 <- this was his approximate route (that i saw)
any of you lot?

was driving back from nottingham today in my van in the left lane of two lanes on my side of mansfield road, and all of a sudden in my wing mirror i notice a roadie in full lycra 'team' tights comes tearing through and darts through the approx 2 foot gap between the right side of my van and the car to the right of me.

He then sits for a bit to cycle up to the roundabout , before standing up on a honk again to absolutely hoof it round the roundabout at probably about 25-30mph, cutting up several cars darting between lanes but without really sloiwng them down, ...

...then cycles slightly more gently down gregory boulevard for a bit, and then sees a road on the right that he wants to turn into, and there is a car coming the opposite direction semi-blocking it waiting at a pelican crossing, with its offside front wing about 18 inches away from where the kerb turns -

..so what does he do? he gets in the WRONG lane and cycles STRAIGHT AT the front of the waiting car , i almost thought he was going to do a jump over his bonnet!, but was probably actually so he didn't set off and block him further, ...

...then while still caning it at about 20-25mph just flicks the bike right into the gap between the car's front wing and the kerb! was whipping it round like it was a stunt bike almost.

thought it was quite dangerous initially but the way he just flicked the bike round was awesome! obviously very used to riding in traffic (and dominating it!)
if it's anybody on here muchos respectos! (but be careful!)


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(please bonj, do paragraphs... I've had about 4 slices of pizza and can't read that)


If it were done in a car or on a motorcycle, the whole forum would be baying for blood..............
Disgruntled Goat said:
You don't live in Mansfield do you Bonj?

Don't let him have any personal information bonj - he might be a stalker. :smile:


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linfordlunchbox said:
If it were done in a car or on a motorcycle, the whole forum would be baying for blood..............

If it were done by someone on foot we wouldn't though and someone on a bike has far more in common with a pedestrian than someone sitting behind the wheel of a two ton motor vehicle.


More serious cyclist than Bonj
For a second then, i though Bonj had been very close to where i live. But then i looked closer and he was somewhere else.
Search Lucas Brunelle on youtube, the videos are better. And if you watch the counchbike video, you can see he is very crazy, and that he loves cycling.
You werent up by Mapperly, Arnold or Carlton or that sort of way aswell were you Bonj?
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