Adapting V-Brakes for older MTB's

I've been having some difficulties woth the V-Brakes on my MTB-tourer conversion: the front V-Brake in particular has always seemed lopsided, although it works fine. I remembered this afternoon that I'd seen this before on an old MTB frame which had been supplied with Cantis, because the forks were a little wider than on a newer bike.

Does anyone have a cunning method to nget around this? My method thus far was to insert two washers, one against the brake block and one against the screw nut holding the v-brake together, so the whole is a few mm longer. This seems to bring the system into a more typical alignment, and stops the bike effectively, but if someone has a better or slightly less crude solution I'm happy to hear it.

All uphill

I didn't recognise you but I knew your bike
Hi Andy, I've done the same as you, using spacers and having the v-brake arms pulled closer together than normal.

This seems to look and work OK.
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