Additions needed for tacx flow trainer


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Hi all . Looking to buy the tacx flow trainer and get into zwift.
Can any one that uses this trainer tell me exactly what else I will need apart from the trainer and laptop. I read that I will need an ant+ dongle and extension cable . Many thanks .


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The minimum your require

Turbo (dumb or smart)
speed/cadence sensor
HRM (no mandatory but helps to know how hard your working in the absence of power meter)
USB ant + dongle (to read the sensors above)
zwift on your pc/laptop
The USB extension cable just brings the dongle nearer the bike (i don't use one as the distance is about 3 feet,and works well)


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Got the same trainer and it will work with just the dongle and extension lead for zwift.

I also connect a heart rate monitor - its not necessary to run the programme and ride around on Zwift, but if you are doing any of the races some of them will exclude you from the results without heart rate data (although you can still take part).
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Got the smart trainer thisevening and just orderd the ant+ usb stick and usb extension cable online. So will have to wait a few days on that coming .
Thanks for all your replies folks
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