1. lilolee

    FS : TACX bicycle truing/repairing wheel jig

    Quality well made by TACX bicycle wheel repair jig for re truing up buckled wheels after a knock or replacing a broken spoke. Takes front or rear wheels. All complete and very little use. £40 inc UK P&P
  2. Plax

    Tacx Sirius Soft Gel Turbo Trainer

    Greetings folks. I'm taking my cycling shoes out of retirement and have acquired an old turbo trainer. It's a Tacx Sirius and I have no idea how to use it. I've tried looking for an online instruction manual but could only find assembly instructions. I'll be using a Boardman road bike (once I've...
  3. PaulSecteur

    [SOLD] Tacx Satori turbo trainer

    Tacx Satori turbo trainer. Comes with: The rear resistance unit and frame Axle for roadbike, quick release Front wheel support Mat Handlebar mounted resistance adjuster. Not had much use, works perfect. Mat is a little dirty as its been stored on the shed. Looking for £65 cash, collection...
  4. Drunkenjoiner

    Tacx set up

    Ok guys, numpty alert. I have bought a Tacx Flow Smart to see if I can get into this indoor training stuff. Just awaiting sourcing a rear wheel (not easy during this Covid-19 outbreak) as I do not want to keep changing tyres on my only road bike. I have set up the trainer and downloaded any...
  5. Milkfloat

    Tacx Antares Rollers with support stand.

    SOLD. Tacx Antares T1000 Training Rollers with Roller Support T1150. Lightly used as I switched to a Turbo Trainer, bearings are very smooth and free rolling. Comes with support stand to clamp your fork in place if you want/need it. Welcome to pick up from Warwick, just off the M40 or I can...
  6. L

    Smart trainer repair

    Just thought I would share this with you (I'll try and post a video of the results as well) My tacx bushido had recently starting making a clicking noise while it was warming up (about the first 15 mins) any way after looking around on the net and not coming up with much my friends told me it's...
  7. Mark Grant

    Tacx Flux2 for sale. NiB

    I've put an ad in the For Sale section for my New in box Tacx Flux 2.
  8. Mark Grant

    Tacx Flux 2 smart turbo trainer. SOLD.

    Tacx Flux 2 smart trainer. I have opened the box but not taken it out. £649 seems to be the cheapest on the net, so £ 500 seems reasonable.
  9. Velochris

    Tacx Training App film downloads problem

    Hello, For the past couple of summers I have cancelled my subscription to Rouvy and then Zwift as I never used them enough in the better weather. Last week a shortage of time and poor weather meant I decided to use my free 1 month trial of the Tacx Training App premium. I downloaded 3 films...
  10. Gary E

    Tacx Neo flywheel removal tool

    As per the title. Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK where I can buy the tool? I’m happy to pay the £15.03 to buy the tool direct from Tacx but the £10.61 postage is a bit of a joke :laugh:
  11. Scaleyback

    SOLD: Tacx Neo2 T2850 Smart Trainer

    Item now SOLD
  12. Gary E

    Garmin acquires Tacx

    Just seen this. Could be worse I suppose (it could be 'Halfords acquire Tacx'). https://tacx.com/garmin-acquires-tacx/?fbclid=IwAR0lAZ04m9z0YiE5OIFu6iGzAG6O9TPCmO72oe6EPI_prPAvMlCkNIml8fc
  13. I

    Tacx T3075 cycle motion stand

    Recently bought the Tacx T3075 cycle motion stand. Noticed the the bottom bracket support which is made of plastic allows the frame to slide around abit when clamping front forks. Anyone had any success modifying it
  14. Velochris

    Tacx Flux, 7 speed and long cage mech

    I am considering a Flux for my other half as she has seen me on Zwift and fancies a go. Her bike is a 7 speed (cassette not freehub) hybrid with a long cage rear mech. I am aware if the issues with long cage mech on the Flux. However, I'm wondering if by the time I've packed out the cassette...
  15. Ohthehills

    Tacx flux and zwift

    Hi all I have just done a free trial with my tacx flux with zwift. The problem for me was my surface pro 3 I was running it on doesn't have ant+ or Bluetooth 4, as its old,so I used companion app to bridge Bluetooth from my mobile phone But in doing this my smart Control didn't work ie it...
  16. grellboy

    Tacx Turbo Problem

    Was on my Tacx Turbo earlier (Flow) when after a five minute warm up I started to do my intervals the Turbo suddenly went super hard to the point where I literally couldn't turn a wheel anymore. I use a power Meter so I adjust the power output myself using the gears rather than use my 520 or the...
  17. Velochris

    Kickr to Tacx Neo. Yes or no?

    I have a v2 Kickr. It does everything I need and has never had any faults etc. I am now approaching owning it for 2 years so the warranty will be coming to and end. I use it a lot and it has been good value, especially at the discounted price I paid for it. However they are expensive pieces if...
  18. N

    Tacx Flux

    For years I was a member of a gym and would spend 3 sessions most weeks in the winter cranking an exercise bike. I rarely did any weights, but did a mixture of sessions, steady output, steady heartrate, intervals etc. I know many people dont like that, but it worked for me. Last winter I bought...
  19. F

    Tacx Flux Smart Trainer

    Hi All I am looking to purchase a turbo trainer to allow me to continue cycling through the winter months. Ive come across the Tacx Flux Smart Trainer on Halfords and can use a 10% discount via British Cycling Membership. My questions are: Is this a good investment? Does anyone have this model...
  20. Milkfloat

    Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer - SOLD

    Winter is coming! I am selling my lightly used Tacx Vortex Smart trainer. Details can be found at https://tacx.com/product/vortex-smart/ Bluetooth, FE-C and Ant+ controllable trainer ready to link up to your phone, tablet, PC or even Apple TV. You can use the Tacx App or anything else on...
  21. amasidlover

    Tacx Flow Smart T2240 ANT+ FE-C - Zwift etc. compatible trainer - PRICE LOWERED

    Full disclosure ... I bought one about 3 years ago and that failed but was refunded by Decathlon at about 11 months old. I bought a second one from Halfords (as Decathlon had no stock) and that failed at 22 months (in the heatwave). Tacx have replaced the failed one with a brand new one which I...
  22. grellboy

    Difficulty setting up Tacx Flow Turbo

    Just got my new turbo out but for the life of me I can't actually get my tyre to touch the resistance unit. Anyone else had similar problems?
  23. OneArmedBandit

    Tacx Blue Matic Turbo Trainer for beer money

    As in another thread, I bought this the day after my bike accident on 17th June when I was told I wouldn't be able to ride a bike for 6 months. As it is by thoroughly ignoring doctor's advice I am back on the road. This works really well but I just don't have the space or a second bike to put...
  24. Doobiesis

    Sony wireless headphones + Tacx iPad holder both as new

    A few bits for sale Sony MDR-XB80BS Extra Base Bluetooth Washable Sports In-Ear Headphones - Red As new only used a couple of times. I have bought some wired ones as I kept forgetting to charge these. Boxed. £40 delivered. Tacx iPad holder - don't have an iPad anymore. Boxed as new. £15...
  25. kingrollo

    Tacx training app

    Right brought myself a tacx flow t2240 tonight. Frustrating experience - I downloaded the app onto my phone it asked me to create an account - when I did it said I couldn't log into cloud services as there was no internet connection - which there was ? (why is this?) I skipped that and tried to...
  26. kingrollo

    Tacx 2240 set up advice

    Right I've given up on spring - I am about to take the plunge and buy a tacx 2240 ...... What else do I need to buy ? Some sort of dongle - any recommendations I have a windows laptop and an andriod phone - do I need a tablet ? Turbo tyre ? - I have recently put some pro 4 endurance on winter...
  27. DCLane

    Tacx Satori Smart trainer with wheel holder - £100 - Dewsbury, West Yorks

    A Tacx Satori Smart trainer which comes with wheel holder and skewer. This was purchased as a customer return from Wiggle in January 2018. Looks like it wasn't used and we've used it for under an hour. My 13 year-old prefers his Elite Volare and it only confirmed I hate turbo trainers. Comes...
  28. C

    For Sale: Tacx Magnetic Folding Turbo Trainer & Trainer Tyre

    Not Used Much and in Great Condition and looking for £35 Tacx Magnetic Folding Turbo Trainer (Resistance is set on the trainer before you start and not by a control on the handle bars but you can use your gears as you would on the road which makes riding easier or harder) Trainer Tyre Size is...
  29. Trigger369

    First ride on tacx flow trainer

    Love this trainer . I havent been out on the bike since last november so Bought the trainer 2 weeks ago . . I had a quick 6mile spin using pc just via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The signal kept droping and pc kept freezing .Not good at all so just left it be. I orderd an ant+dongle and extension...
  30. Trigger369

    Additions needed for tacx flow trainer

    Hi all . Looking to buy the tacx flow trainer and get into zwift. Can any one that uses this trainer tell me exactly what else I will need apart from the trainer and laptop. I read that I will need an ant+ dongle and extension cable . Many thanks .
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