1. Bianchi boy

    tacx vortex

    well, i purchased a pre used tacx vortex smart trainer this week, thinking i would be flying up spanish mountains in the comfort of my garage But sadly after two days trying to connect the thing via bluetooth and/ or ant+ absolutely no joy whatsoever ended up contacting Garmin support (who now...
  2. C

    Tacx Antares

    You all know the sort of thing. £80 Excellent condition, I can't be arsed to post them though, so local pick up a few minutes from J23 M5.
  3. rogerzilla

    Tacx T2650 mag trainer, £49, Swindon

    Nice condition, comes with skewer. Can be used with Zwift (they support it) but it's in no way smart. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334010042314 I'm swapping it for a T1400 because I actually like a noisy fan trainer ^_^
  4. Buck

    Tacx Neo 2T - Measuring/Analysing Pedal Stroke

    I noticed in the Tacx Training App you get the pedal stroke analysis graph. i am carrying permanent nerve damage in my right leg due to a serious illness a few years ago and I wanted to see if I can do some reasonable analysis of my pedal stroke then some targeted training to improve. Is there...
  5. 120308

    SOLD Turbo trainer, Tacx Cycleforce swing

    Tacx Cycleforce swing folding mag turbo trainer complete with Tacx skewer. Now sold.
  6. Dogtrousers

    Tacx Bushido Troubleshooting

    I've just had, and fixed, a problem with my Tacx Bushido. I thought I'd put this up here so anyone searching for a similar fix can find it. It may apply to other Tacx models as well, I don't know. My Bushido was connecting OK, and mounting up to the wheel OK but was reporting zero...
  7. Buck

    Turbo Upgrade: Wahoo Kickr Smart v5 or Tacx Neo2T

    Search doesn’t give me much on this and I’m trying to get a sense of whether the Tacx is worth the £200 premium or the Wahoo is the best (and Wahoo has a great reputation for customer service) I currently have a Tacx Vortex Smart turbo which has been great but I am looking to upgrade soon(ish)...
  8. Drunkenjoiner

    Tacx and bluetooth

    Ok guys, my pain cave is virtually done. Tacx Flow Smart, Winter bike with trainer tyre on, detached garage with full power, lights, sockets etc. Only thing not geared up is wifi. Cables etc run, access point ready but as yet not all connected up(awaiting network switch). I note that the Tacx...
  9. bikingdad90

    Tacx Antares rollers with support stand

    I have for sale a set of Tacx Antares Rollers with the support stand £150 posted? In good condition,I’ve got young kids so putting proceeds of sale towards a silent direct drive turbo trainer as do most of my training at night. Chris
  10. rogerzilla

    Tacx T1413 turbo trainer (or just a spare fan)

    Very old model, fan-only. Branded Speedbraker Cycletrack. The fans were sold as spares but are no longer in stock anywhere.
  11. CanucksTraveller

    Withdrawn: Tacx Blue Matic turbo trainer

    One Tacx Blue Matic for sale. Next to new, it was used literally twice, and then my wife decided turbo trainers were not for her (I empathise, I'd rather watch paint dry). It has the Tacx QR skewer, and the Tacx front wheel riser / support. There is also a Bluetooth speed sensor for the rear...
  12. Dogtrousers

    Tacx login

    Soo It seems Garmin have merged the Tacx user id and and the Connect user id, so you have one id and password to log in to both connect and tacx cloud and tacx desktop app. That's not altogether a bad idea. Unfortunately what they have also done is broken everything so it is now impossible to...
  13. J

    Tacx Flux S - Set Up

    Morning all and a newbie turbo trainer question if I may. I am waiting for a Tacx Flux S direct drive smart trainer to be delivered and wondered what I need to set up for my Boardman ADV 8.9. I’ve got the 10 speed cassette on the way but not sure a) which thru axle kit I need and b) what tools...
  14. Dogtrousers

    TACX desktop app problem

    My TACX desktop app is failing (Win 10). If I select a film, workout, or GPS and click on it to open it the app just terminates. I've opened a ticket with them and they've requested logs, which I have sent. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered similar? Edit. The problem has gone...
  15. lilolee

    FS : TACX bicycle truing/repairing wheel jig

    Quality well made by TACX bicycle wheel repair jig for re truing up buckled wheels after a knock or replacing a broken spoke. Takes front or rear wheels. All complete and very little use. £40 inc UK P&P
  16. Plax

    Tacx Sirius Soft Gel Turbo Trainer

    Greetings folks. I'm taking my cycling shoes out of retirement and have acquired an old turbo trainer. It's a Tacx Sirius and I have no idea how to use it. I've tried looking for an online instruction manual but could only find assembly instructions. I'll be using a Boardman road bike (once I've...
  17. PaulSecteur

    [SOLD] Tacx Satori turbo trainer

    Tacx Satori turbo trainer. Comes with: The rear resistance unit and frame Axle for roadbike, quick release Front wheel support Mat Handlebar mounted resistance adjuster. Not had much use, works perfect. Mat is a little dirty as its been stored on the shed. Looking for £65 cash, collection...
  18. Drunkenjoiner

    Tacx set up

    Ok guys, numpty alert. I have bought a Tacx Flow Smart to see if I can get into this indoor training stuff. Just awaiting sourcing a rear wheel (not easy during this Covid-19 outbreak) as I do not want to keep changing tyres on my only road bike. I have set up the trainer and downloaded any...
  19. Milkfloat

    Tacx Antares Rollers with support stand.

    SOLD. Tacx Antares T1000 Training Rollers with Roller Support T1150. Lightly used as I switched to a Turbo Trainer, bearings are very smooth and free rolling. Comes with support stand to clamp your fork in place if you want/need it. Welcome to pick up from Warwick, just off the M40 or I can...
  20. L

    Smart trainer repair

    Just thought I would share this with you (I'll try and post a video of the results as well) My tacx bushido had recently starting making a clicking noise while it was warming up (about the first 15 mins) any way after looking around on the net and not coming up with much my friends told me it's...
  21. Mark Grant

    Tacx Flux2 for sale. NiB

    I've put an ad in the For Sale section for my New in box Tacx Flux 2.
  22. Mark Grant

    Tacx Flux 2 smart turbo trainer. SOLD.

    Tacx Flux 2 smart trainer. I have opened the box but not taken it out. £649 seems to be the cheapest on the net, so £ 500 seems reasonable.
  23. Velochris

    Tacx Training App film downloads problem

    Hello, For the past couple of summers I have cancelled my subscription to Rouvy and then Zwift as I never used them enough in the better weather. Last week a shortage of time and poor weather meant I decided to use my free 1 month trial of the Tacx Training App premium. I downloaded 3 films...
  24. Gary E

    Tacx Neo flywheel removal tool

    As per the title. Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK where I can buy the tool? I’m happy to pay the £15.03 to buy the tool direct from Tacx but the £10.61 postage is a bit of a joke :laugh:
  25. Scaleyback

    SOLD: Tacx Neo2 T2850 Smart Trainer

    Item now SOLD
  26. Gary E

    Garmin acquires Tacx

    Just seen this. Could be worse I suppose (it could be 'Halfords acquire Tacx'). https://tacx.com/garmin-acquires-tacx/?fbclid=IwAR0lAZ04m9z0YiE5OIFu6iGzAG6O9TPCmO72oe6EPI_prPAvMlCkNIml8fc
  27. I

    Tacx T3075 cycle motion stand

    Recently bought the Tacx T3075 cycle motion stand. Noticed the the bottom bracket support which is made of plastic allows the frame to slide around abit when clamping front forks. Anyone had any success modifying it
  28. Velochris

    Tacx Flux, 7 speed and long cage mech

    I am considering a Flux for my other half as she has seen me on Zwift and fancies a go. Her bike is a 7 speed (cassette not freehub) hybrid with a long cage rear mech. I am aware if the issues with long cage mech on the Flux. However, I'm wondering if by the time I've packed out the cassette...
  29. Ohthehills

    Tacx flux and zwift

    Hi all I have just done a free trial with my tacx flux with zwift. The problem for me was my surface pro 3 I was running it on doesn't have ant+ or Bluetooth 4, as its old,so I used companion app to bridge Bluetooth from my mobile phone But in doing this my smart Control didn't work ie it...
  30. grellboy

    Tacx Turbo Problem

    Was on my Tacx Turbo earlier (Flow) when after a five minute warm up I started to do my intervals the Turbo suddenly went super hard to the point where I literally couldn't turn a wheel anymore. I use a power Meter so I adjust the power output myself using the gears rather than use my 520 or the...
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