1. A

    Bike for Tacx Flux Smart Trainer

    Hi, Apologies if there have been numerous threads on this (did a quick search but didn't find anything) or if it's in the wrong place. I am looking to get a Tacx Flux Smart Trainer and would like to get a bike just for this rather than having the faff of removing wheel, fixing to trainer and...
  2. uclown2002

    SOLD-Tacx T2500 Booster Ultra High Power Folding Magnetic Trainer

    Excellent working condition. £80 collection from Harrogate HG3. More info here:- http://www.hargrovescycles.co.uk/tacx-booster-magnetic-turbo-trainer-t2500.html
  3. huwsparky

    Tacx Flux - or other...

    Hi, Looking to purchase a turbo for the winter months ahead. The one that seems to be appealing to me at the moment is the Tacx Flux. Half the price of the Neo and according to DC Rainmaker better value due to being almost half the price, with only a few features lacking that I'm not really...
  4. mythste

    Tacx Flow Smart

    Hello folks! I know it's the wrong time of the year to be selling a smart turbo, but if you're wanting to get into Zwift or any of the other virtual riding options, anytime is a good time! Works perfectly, I've probably put about 200km on it and its been great, only selling as I've upgraded to...
  5. afl2

    TACX smart trainer

    Hi all Just got a smart trainer t2240 and trying to get my head around the tacx software. Using Bluetooth at present until I can get an ant+. I have downloaded the apps for android and connected to the trainer. Calibration via tacx silly question but does axle have to be central on the screen...
  6. Cuchilo

    Tacx Flow

    Anyone using one with zwift ? I have the satori and it works ok but doesn't have resistance linked to the app so thought i may upgrade .
  7. montroseloon

    Tacx Blue Matic T2650

    Been looking into buying a turbo trainer for keeping on top of my cycling in the winter and murky days. Spotted the Tacx and it seems to tick the right boxes, not zwift compatible but I'm not really to bothered about that. Was just wondering if anybody has any experience of this model and is it...
  8. J

    Just purchased Tacx Vortex - Zwift? Do I need a dongle for PC?

    Could someone clarify what I need to buy, if anything else extra? I've got a Tacx Vortex Smart coming on Saturday. I want to use it with Zwift running on my laptop. My laptop has bluetooth built-in. Do I need to buy an extra bluetooth dongle? Or do I need to buy an ant+ USB dongle? Thanks!
  9. AlanW

    Any other Tacx Neo owners on here?

    I've had mine just over a week and what a machine it is to, racked up about 300 miles so far and it is nothing short of being utterly fantastic.
  10. H

    Tacx Vortex Smart

    I'm looking to get an indoor trainer for over the winter. I spent months picking a bike and fancy a TV in the New Year sales so that's more months of research so I'm hoping just to buy a trainer without thnking too much! Most places I've seen pick the Tacx Vortex Smart as the mid range one to...
  11. biggs682

    Tacx Sirius Soft Gel Folding Turbo Trainer SOLD

    For sale Tacx Siriius folding Soft Gel turbo trainer that's had little use by the look of it . Came with a recent bike purchase and the previous owner of both claimed it hadn't been used much at all . Comes with riser block and rear skewer . These are 10 mode load adjustable via a remote mount...
  12. Andywinds

    Tacx Galaxia T1100 Roller

    Hi, has anyone had any experience with the above roller? I like the idea of being able to stand up and sprint on this.
  13. R

    Antaras TACX rollers

    excellent condition barely used (about 5 times) Boxed and under warranty with Halfords Collection Stockton on tees £100
  14. r04DiE

    Zwift with a Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer

    Hello all, My brother and I both have the bug so we are looking at trainers and online packages. First of all, we're looking at the Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer but we're undecided on the online jiggery pokery. Basically, we'd be looking to virtually ride with eachother (and others), and just have...
  15. PaulSecteur

    Tacx Satori Turbo Trainer

    Im selling my little used Tacx Satori turbo trainer, complete with remote resistance controller, front wheel stand, rear quick release axle and mat. Buyer is welcome to try it out. Priced to sell at £40, buy must collect from Walsall, Im near Junction 10 of the M6. Please ask any questions...
  16. Absinthe Minded

    Free: Tacx iMagic Turbo Trainer.

    It's a bit dusty as its been in the shed for a while. It has the steering thingy, the software and all the other bits apart from the cadence sensor magnet (which you should be able to buy from them). Also, you will need to put a 13 amp plug on it. I have no idea what the login credentials are...
  17. Scoop

    Tacx Galaxia Rollers

    Hi all, I bought some rollers but just could not bring myself to get them out of the box...I'm unsure whether I'll get on with them. I'm also registered to complete a few turbo days as part of my charity ride but currently do not own a turbo! So I've decided to sell these with the intention of...
  18. bladesman73

    tacx flow trainer with iflow unit

    in decent condition. works with laptop/pc, can set your own course or use additonal videos, full working order, come with software. you may need to email tacx to get a new free installation code for software but they usually provide one within a few hours. will accept £100. pick up only due to...
  19. Gez73

    Tacx Antares setup question.

    Anyone set one of these up? Instructions less than useless and nothing of use on net. Thanks Gez
  20. kiwifruit

    Tacx satori (non smart) quick release skewer

    Hi, new to this turbo training, just brought an second hand tacx satori for £25. I just wondering should it come with a special quick release skewer for the trainer? As the previous owner didn't have the manual I don't know if it should have a quick release. Any ideas anyone? much appreciated...
  21. Cuchilo

    Tacx Satori smart trainer

    Can i use this to join in the fun online ? I only have the trainer and the apps .
  22. bladesman73

    Tacx iflow cadence issue

    Hope anyone can help me here! Tonight i set up my trainer as usual and tried to calibrate it. Kept saying i had started pedalling again after being told to stop and wouldnt calibrate. Something told me to try again but with the cadence wire unplugged,surprise surprise calibration worked fine. I...
  23. g00se

    Bkool Classic or Tacx Vortex Smart?

    Hi, About to pull the trigger on one of the two above - but not sure which to go for. At the moment, I'm planning on using it for Trainerroad or Zwift - and not really considering the softare that comes with the kit. I believe - if I'm quick enough - I can get the Bkool discounted with a...
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