Zwift setup on Tacx T2240. Do I need ant plus dongle


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as well as a tacx t2240 trainer and bike what else do I need?

Do I need an ant plus dongle or will this work via Bluetooth on my device.

Looking to connect to my laptop or my iPad to the trainer.
Hi Harv, don't know about this particular model, but ANT+ sticks are cheap on ebay, don't forget the USB extension lead too as the signal can drop off rapidly unless, the dongle is positioned right next to the bike. I know for my model, I need to pair via ANT. Bluetooth doesn't work as well, despite claimed functionality. I think you need a complete suite of bluetooth 4.0 devices as a minimum. ANT+ doesn't have such compatibility issues. The Zwift forum will no doubt have people asking this very same question, try there.

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Yes definitely need a dongle. I tried unsuccessfully using Bluetooth but it's just not reliable. Just get the cheapest one you can find and an extension cable for it.
ebay or amazon are a good place to start, sort price low to high. You may want to filter to UK sellers if you don't want to wait 10-21 days for delivery from China, but often the cheapest way to get basic electronics.


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I much prefer iPad and bluetooth rather than PC and Ant+ and lots of cables. I also find it more reliable. I would go with a PC if I setup a pure pain cave with massive monitor that stays in place the whole time. I move my setup around so an iPad and tablet mounts works perfectly for me.

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