Tacx Blue Matic Turbo Trainer for beer money


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As in another thread, I bought this the day after my bike accident on 17th June when I was told I wouldn't be able to ride a bike for 6 months. As it is by thoroughly ignoring doctor's advice I am back on the road.

This works really well but I just don't have the space or a second bike to put the turbo tyre on. I'll include a blue Tacx 700c x 18-25 if you want it too.

Everything in the box is included except a few cable ties I used to attach the sensors to my bike (it comes with rubber rings too). The whole lot has barely been used, probably less than 200km and so is almost as new, except the box which I accidentally left out in the rain so is slightly crinkly. I will send the Halfords receipt if you have any problems. My Zwift membership is paid until 29th August if you would like that as well.

Basically I am looking to cover the postage costs and maybe a bit of beer money to celebrate being back on my bike. It would be good to see it being used rather than looking forlorn in the corner. Thanks in advance for any offers.


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I'd really like this but as Im able to get out on the road (albeit sparingly with a baby and toddler) would happily forego for someone whose only cycle option is on a turbo?

(not sure I should congratulate flagrantly ignoring medical advice BUT) well done for getting back on so soon.

PM me postage/beer money deets and if no one akin to someone above (I don't mean God) comes forward I'd love it. Dying to try Zwifting too!

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Mines just broken so it would be useful. I have no medical needs and I can afford a new one though, just nutty enough to turbo in this heat.
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