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  1. P

    Elite Crono Fluid ElastoGel Turbo Trainer Set - Used

    Have for sale my old turbo trainer set, only selling as changed to a Hammer direct drive instead. 1. Elite Crono Fluid ElastoGel Trainer with compatible skewer (https://www.wiggle.co.uk/elite-crono-fluid-elastogel-trainer?sku=5360217108) 2. CycleOps Riser Block...
  2. 120308

    SOLD Turbo trainer, Tacx Cycleforce swing

    Tacx Cycleforce swing folding mag turbo trainer complete with Tacx skewer. Now sold.
  3. bencran

    New Turbo Trainer Dead?

    Hi guys, Trying to avoid sending this back as they’re currently out of stock everywhere. Sounds as if the resistance unit is clicking. But haven’t stripped it back to make a proper diagnosis. Any ideas on a fix? View: https://streamable.com/1s6p3x View: https://streamable.com/6zdaaq...
  4. rogerzilla

    Tacx T1413 turbo trainer (or just a spare fan)

    Very old model, fan-only. Branded Speedbraker Cycletrack. The fans were sold as spares but are no longer in stock anywhere.
  5. bencran

    Through axle adapters for turbo trainer

    Anyone know where I can get an adapter for a classic turbo trainer? Overlooked this slight (massive) issue... Can only find places with stock for end of Jan/May. Current axle is 165mm
  6. bikingdad90

    Smart turbo trainer for £100 posted (or less).

    I’m after a turbo trainer which will simulate gradients on the likes of Zwift but have a very limited budget of £100 including postage. Are there any generous CCers willing to offer me a turbo trainer? I’ve had a “dumb” one that connects using speed sensors but I grind to a halt on the hills...
  7. CanucksTraveller

    Withdrawn: Tacx Blue Matic turbo trainer

    One Tacx Blue Matic for sale. Next to new, it was used literally twice, and then my wife decided turbo trainers were not for her (I empathise, I'd rather watch paint dry). It has the Tacx QR skewer, and the Tacx front wheel riser / support. There is also a Bluetooth speed sensor for the rear...
  8. G

    Assembling a turbo trainer... help !

    So assembled the turbo trainer ok, but one thing is bothering me. Where the turbo unit attaches to the frame, there is an adjustment knob for pressure to the wheel. I have a large spring which goes over the adjustment bolt, but where abouts. Good instructions, but nothing about that bit...
  9. Landsurfer

    Turbo trainer

    Having bought 3 of them and sold and given away 3 ... i now need one ... just a simple budget turbo trainer .... Any got one for sale ??
  10. Dan Ferris

    Turbo trainer bandwagon

    Good morning everyone, I have read a number of forum posts but i was hoping someone could help me with a couple of questions that i have as i think about my first turbo trainer. This is what i currently have: An old road bike which is in reasonable working order. It has an old 10 speed...
  11. livpoksoc

    How tight should I make my turbo trainer?

    I'm going to put my carbon frame into the TT for the first time and want to be sure I don't over tighten. It's a wheel in Cycle Ops (2?). Never sure how tight to put the spindle locks as I leave my winter metal bike in there, but somwtimes I look down and I can see the soindles moving around...
  12. Gunk

    Parts bin Shimpagnolo turbo trainer build.

    The first thing I would say if you are considering a similar project, is don’t bother! Unless like you me you enjoy the process, just buy a used bike, it’s far cheaper. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, my son is fed up with everyone using his bike on the TT, so I thought I had enough...
  13. S

    Another newbie seeking turbo trainer info!

    Hi all, apologies, but another thread asking some questions on turbo trainers. I have spent the last week or so researching on the web and e-bay but still have a few specific questions I am hoping you experts will be able to help with. I fancy a smart turbo trainer, or one I can link to Zwift...
  14. MonsterEnergy

    Turbo Trainer

    Hi, I am looking for a turbo trainer for my Carrera Vulcan Hardtail, but not sure what will fit and won't fit. Could anyone please help as to what one i need. I am looking for one that's not too expensive
  15. Plax

    Tacx Sirius Soft Gel Turbo Trainer

    Greetings folks. I'm taking my cycling shoes out of retirement and have acquired an old turbo trainer. It's a Tacx Sirius and I have no idea how to use it. I've tried looking for an online instruction manual but could only find assembly instructions. I'll be using a Boardman road bike (once I've...
  16. Trigger369

    Asking price for a turbo trainer

    I've upgraded my turbo . A guy from my club has asked to buy my old one it's a tacx flow smart wheel on trainer about 1.5years old . How much do you think I should ask for .? Dont want to con anyone Many thanks
  17. DiddlyDodds

    Loan of a Turbo Trainer - North Manchester

    I keep looking at this Zwift and fancy giving it a go but am lacking a main part of the set up - a Turbo Trainer, with this in mind i have been looking on ebay and market place and have seen a few but before i take the plunge (and a beating off the wife for yet another bike related purchase) i...
  18. PaulSecteur

    [SOLD] Tacx Satori turbo trainer

    Tacx Satori turbo trainer. Comes with: The rear resistance unit and frame Axle for roadbike, quick release Front wheel support Mat Handlebar mounted resistance adjuster. Not had much use, works perfect. Mat is a little dirty as its been stored on the shed. Looking for £65 cash, collection...
  19. Smokin Joe

    Elite Volaire Turbo Trainer

    Elite Volaire Turbo, little used and VGC. £65 posted.
  20. T

    turbo trainer

    looking for help with upcoming purchase of indoor turbo trainer ... Zwift compatible.... wheel on, any decent offers around , second hand / new any thoughts or advice most welcome....budget less that 500
  21. newfhouse

    Scrapheap Challenge - homebrew turbo trainer

    Just for fun while I’m confined I’ve been thinking about constructing my own trainer from scrap that I have in my shed and garage. I don’t really want to purchase anything, even online, as it would feel like breaking my self imposed rules. I’ve fitted SPDs to my wife’s exercise machine but I’d...
  22. MDA 998

    elite turbo trainer

    selling an elite turbo trainer, £85 including riser and the other £75 with no riser I have 2 of these for sale both with skewers only 1 riser block Also selling the shimano RS rear turbo wheel with turbo tyre and tube £65 REAR CASSETTE NOT IN SALE PICKED UP FROM PE15 March Cambs
  23. chriscross1966

    Turbo trainer tyres

    Hi folks, with my boundless sense of timing I acquired an old steel Bianchi a few weeks ago, planning on upgrading during the summer as well as getting some rides in, then a repaint over winter.... well... the long rides are out... anyway I fitted a set of Vittoria Corsa Graphene tanwalls within...
  24. Sterlo

    Turbo Trainer and disc brakes

    Might be a daft question but does anyone know if you can use a disc brake bike on a turbo trainer? I bought a trainer about a year ago from Halfords, it's just a basic one, and set it up with an old mountain bike which was gathering dust in the shed, but couldn't seem to get on with it. If we do...
  25. buzzy-beans

    Info please for a good, strong, robust turbo trainer

    I am on the road to recovery from various heart and lung surgical procedures and am wanting to do quite a lot of turbo trainer exercise on my bike before going out onto the open road, primarilly because I want to check if my ticker is working properly when under load. I have never been into...
  26. MDA 998


  27. Ridgeway

    Turbo trainer set ups without front wheel, any pics ?

    Thinking about squeezing my turbo trainer set up into my tiny office (steady now, i know what you're thinking:laugh:). If i go down this route i'll likely buy a dedicated 2nd bike that i can leave set up permanently like this. But in order for it to fit in the place i have in mind i would need...
  28. antnee

    Will Garmin hub speed sensor be affected by Magnet in turbo trainer

    As I'm unable to get out on the road these last two months I borrowed a Turbo trainer from my son I have a Garmin Edge 800 with speed sensor on the rear wheel hub and a cadence sensor on the crank The cadence sensor works ok but no speed shows. Or when I uploaded details from the Garmin after...
  29. Mark Grant

    Tacx Flux 2 smart turbo trainer. SOLD.

    Tacx Flux 2 smart trainer. I have opened the box but not taken it out. £649 seems to be the cheapest on the net, so £ 500 seems reasonable.
  30. A

    *SOLD*Turbo trainer (Elite Chrono), mat & sweat cover

    Elite Chrono fluid trainer Includes QR skewer, happy to show working. Get it early to keep the winter training going! FWE Folding Turbo Training Mat With Storage Bag No rips, no tears, as new. Tacx turbo trainer Sweat Cover For Smartphones Also as new Get it early to keep the winter...
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