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  1. antnee

    Will Garmin hub speed sensor be affected by Magnet in turbo trainer

    As I'm unable to get out on the road these last two months I borrowed a Turbo trainer from my son I have a Garmin Edge 800 with speed sensor on the rear wheel hub and a cadence sensor on the crank The cadence sensor works ok but no speed shows. Or when I uploaded details from the Garmin after...
  2. Mark Grant

    Tacx Flux 2 smart turbo trainer. SOLD.

    Tacx Flux 2 smart trainer. I have opened the box but not taken it out. £649 seems to be the cheapest on the net, so £ 500 seems reasonable.
  3. A

    *SOLD*Turbo trainer (Elite Chrono), mat & sweat cover

    Elite Chrono fluid trainer Includes QR skewer, happy to show working. Get it early to keep the winter training going! FWE Folding Turbo Training Mat With Storage Bag No rips, no tears, as new. Tacx turbo trainer Sweat Cover For Smartphones Also as new Get it early to keep the winter...
  4. ChrisV

    Fitting my road bike to turbo trainer

    A bit of a technical question. I bought a CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro Turbo Trainer https://www.tredz.co.uk/.CycleOps-Jet-Fluid-Pro-Turbo-Trainer-Kit-with-Speed-Sensor_205639.htm The bike I have is a Cube Attain GTC...
  5. Justinitus

    Set Up the Turbo Trainer

    The good lady wife has been nagging me recently to set her bike up on the turbo trainer for her so she can have a play with the BKool simulator and see how realistic it is. So while she was in town earlier I did... I had to cook my own tea
  6. T

    Kurt Kinetic Rock & Roll Turbo Trainer + Swivelling Riser

    As I can no longer compete in triathlons (both hips now replaced, so no running) I don't use my turbo trainer anymore. I am therefore selling my KK Rock & Roll turbo with the turntable riser and a (well) used (but still serviceable) turbo tyre, I will also throw in the cheap rear wheel that I...
  7. DooDah

    Smart turbo trainer

    Hi all, wrong time of year I know, but my old trusted turbo trainer has died, so looking for a new one. Thought a smart ( preferably interactive ) one would be good as I have been using Zwift. If anyone has one for sale, or that they don’t use then I would be interested. Thanks
  8. biggs682

    Elite Volare mag 5 Turbo Trainer & Block sstc

    For sale A lightly used Elite volare mag turbo trainer with 5 adjustable resistance . This came with a recent bike purchase and I won't be using it . So offered for sale complete with a raiser block for the front wheel . Asking £40 collected from Wellingborough NN8 post code or could be sent...
  9. A

    Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Fluid turbo trainer

    Turbo trainer from Kinetic, reviewed here: https://road.cc/content/review/176106-kinetic-road-machine-smart more pics here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxAFpgrsRomUV1lzSWJMOXcxUlU/view?usp=sharing Around 70 Quid. It is in east london / essex
  10. Soltydog

    Replacing a belt on turbo trainer

    Any advice or tips most welcome, if anyone has experience of doing this? The turbo trainer in question is an Elite Roteo/Volano. Whilst using it last night, it appears that the belt may have slipped of a couple of ridges & then split :sad: I've found a replacement belt for about £20, but...
  11. S

    Best (not most expensive) turbo trainer

    Hi Guys, All this rain is really getting me down as I can't (won't) go out with heavy rain/wind together, but don't want to lose the strengh I've built up from going out every other day. I'm looking for something mainly for a mountain bike and it will get used on a regular basis, so it needs...
  12. Globalti

    Hiring a turbo trainer?

    So to rehabilitate I'm thinking of hiring a turbo trainer, to which I can attach my own bike. In order to stave off boredom I want one that can be linked to a laptop and allows me to do virtual rides. Any suggestions?
  13. mjd1988

    Turbo trainer wheel

    Appreciate this may be better in the indoor training section but thought I'd give it a whirl... When is a turbo trainer tire done? Looks pretty spent to me and efficiency is poor (as its not for the road I don't mind that so much, just more training). But just looking some opinion and pointers...
  14. SpokeyDokey

    Non-spikey flat pedals for turbo trainer.

    Any recommendations for some flat pedals that won't chew up running shoes. Just taken delivery of a Qubo Power Fluid TTand whilst I am happy to use it with a set of SPD's I'd rather use my running shoes that I wear on the treadmill so that I can swap between one and the other without hassle.
  15. OneArmedBandit

    Tacx Blue Matic Turbo Trainer for beer money

    As in another thread, I bought this the day after my bike accident on 17th June when I was told I wouldn't be able to ride a bike for 6 months. As it is by thoroughly ignoring doctor's advice I am back on the road. This works really well but I just don't have the space or a second bike to put...
  16. grellboy

    Turbo Trainer. If I've got a power meter, do I need a Smart Trainer?

    Am looking to buy a turbo trainer and trying to work out if it's worthwhile forking out the extra for a smart trainer? I have a power meter on my bike which I believe is one way of "upgrading" as it were a basic trainer to more of a smart trainer level. What are the benefits of smart over basic?
  17. N

    Quick release & attaching/detaching turbo trainer.

    The plan was. never owned a bike. A.would buy turbo trainer & bike in winter. B.get used to gears etc on turbo trainer & get fitter during winter using the trainer. C.spring starts to go outside on the bike but still keep training. Problem is going outside is fine but i would like to still...
  18. The Rover

    SOLD - 2nd generation Apple TV ( used for turbo trainer )

    Morning. As per the title, I’ve got a fully working Apple TV 2nd generation box for sale with the remote. It has a few very light cosmetic marks on it. Barely noticeable but worth a mention. I’ve used this for mirroring my iPad to a tv whilst on the turbo and it worked well. I’ve just decided...
  19. Illaveago

    Giant Cyclotron Fluid ST Turbo Trainer

    Spotted on a local selling site for sale at £100 . Collection from Chippenham Wiltshire. If you are interested search for 'For sale Chippenham & Surrounding Area' on Facebook.This is not mine. I just thought it of interest.
  20. C

    For Sale: Tacx Magnetic Folding Turbo Trainer & Trainer Tyre

    Not Used Much and in Great Condition and looking for £35 Tacx Magnetic Folding Turbo Trainer (Resistance is set on the trainer before you start and not by a control on the handle bars but you can use your gears as you would on the road which makes riding easier or harder) Trainer Tyre Size is...
  21. Slower than you

    Turbo trainer q

    after an injury and break from the sport, I’ve been told I can start on a turbo trainer now thankfully... I bought the Tacx Satori Smart Turbo Trainer to start building up but wondering if perhaps I should return and get the elite qubo digital b+ smart or the kinetic road Machine 2.0 ? Does...
  22. nickg

    Smart direct drive turbo trainer

    Looking for some advice on Smart drive turbo trainers please. It’s new to me but want to give it ago over the winter months for definite. I want it to connect to either my iPhone or laptop. Laptop has Bluetooth. But recommendations for trainer would be most welcome please. Obviously I don’t...
  23. italiafirenze

    Elite Turbo Trainer and Elite Spindoctor Workstand for Sale

    I have an Elite Elastogel Fluid Turbo Trainer for sale and an Elite Spindoctor workstand, £50 each. Collection from Blackpool, Lancashire. Both in good condition, don't use either any more so don't really need them.
  24. B

    Turbo Trainer - Roller Type vs Directly Fixed

    Fed up of the weather already, plus want to get back into it after injury, so toying with using a Turbo. Just interested in the differences between the type where you use the wheel to turn a roller and the type where you remove the wheel and connect to a cassette fixed directly to the trainer...
  25. uclown2002

    SOLD-Tacx T2500 Booster Ultra High Power Folding Magnetic Trainer

    Excellent working condition. £80 collection from Harrogate HG3. More info here:- http://www.hargrovescycles.co.uk/tacx-booster-magnetic-turbo-trainer-t2500.html
  26. P

    Wanting a turbo trainer that I can use online apps like Zwift etc.

    Hi folks, I'm a recreational cyclist and was wanting a turbo trainer that I can use with Zwift etc. I've had a look at a load of trainers which range from £40 to £1000 I've done a little bit of research however I'm no expert, would it be cheaper to by a basic trainer and add a cadence & speed...
  27. D

    Spare rear wheel for turbo trainer

    Hi all, Looking for some advice if possible please. I've decided to take the plunge with a smart trainer this winter, and have read that it's easier to have a spare rear wheel with a turbo-specific tyre fitted to avoid wear. So essentially I need to buy a spare wheel for my Specialized Allez...
  28. richie244

    Turbo trainer bike?

    Other than making sure a bike fits does the weight or components matter on a bike fitted to a turbo? Other than making sure the rear derailleur is 9,10 or 11 speed I assume the only thing better components will do is give a smother gear shift. Looking at a Wahoo kickR so wheels don't even...
  29. L

    Turbo trainer (no power)

    I think I already (sadly) know the answer to this one, but am appealing to the masses in case anybody knows another way. After failing to get permission (from teh boss) to permanently have a turbo set up in the living room, my only real option is to put in in the bike storage area in the...
  30. jahlive905

    Best budget turbo trainers

    I recently had ACL reconstruction surgery and I'm not allowed to ride on the road for four months. I am however, am allowed to ride a stationary bike. To get my fix, I want to purchase a turbo trainer. This is something temporary I will have, for the four months so I don't want to spend a small...
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