Asking price for a turbo trainer


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I've upgraded my turbo .
A guy from my club has asked to buy my old one it's a tacx flow smart wheel on trainer about 1.5years old . How much do you think I should ask for .? Dont want to con anyone Many thanks


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The T2240?

If it is, then there is an amazing range of prices on the completed auctions on eBay - from less than £50 to £500 (WTF!!!! :eek:).

Why not offer it for 2/3 to 3/4 of what you paid for it?


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I've just bought one for £200.
I looked at ebay and the cheaper ones were all collection only, usually at the other end of the country. And some had been hammered.
I was happy with what I got; 2nd hand rollers are going for more than that.
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