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I keep looking at this Zwift and fancy giving it a go but am lacking a main part of the set up - a Turbo Trainer, with this in mind i have been looking on ebay and market place and have seen a few but before i take the plunge (and a beating off the wife for yet another bike related purchase) i thought i would ask - has anyone got one sat in the garage i could borrow for a month just to see if Zwift is for me or not worth the outlay on a trainer.:cheers:


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If it's not a smart turbo you'll need an ANT+ dongle and a speed/cadence sensor as well.


Not North Manchester, but I have a Tacx Flow T2240 sat in the loft that I'm not using anymore - it's a budget level Smart Trainer so has the interactive elements that make Zwift much more interesting - as well as proper power output. Got a trainer tyre that goes with it too.

I got it to help me ride after breaking my collarbone the second time - the interactive element made it worth while and I used it enough that I upgraded to a direct drive trainer.


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@si_c @ColinJ Thanks for the offers, the smart thing to do would try the smart trainer as that would give a better look at what its all about and see what i would be missing on the interactive side if i used the dumb version with speed sensor.
Si , if you can DM me your address and when it best suits you i will pop down the old East Lancs Road, might even do a social distancing drive through my old stomping ground of Moreton whilst i am down there.
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Have fun!


A warning though... because the front and rear wheels are raised slightly, you are slightly further from the floor than you expect to be. I did my first hard tt session, went to dismount afterwards, and planted my left foot in thin air causing me topple sideways! :eek: Fortunately, I had the tt in my bedroom and I landed safely on my bed...

I recommend putting something either side of the tt to stand on when mounting/dismounting. It only needs to be about 2-3 inches thick.
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