Tacx Sirius Soft Gel Turbo Trainer


Greetings folks. I'm taking my cycling shoes out of retirement and have acquired an old turbo trainer. It's a Tacx Sirius and I have no idea how to use it. I've tried looking for an online instruction manual but could only find assembly instructions. I'll be using a Boardman road bike (once I've got it out of storage) and it has quick release skewers. How would this attach to the turbo by the things I have circled in the photo? Would I need to take the QR off? Am I missing a part?

Also there's a lever to attach to the handlebars. I presume this is to modify the resistance? Although that's what I thought the bikes gears were for?

Thanks for any help!



Yes, the part woth the cable is to choose resistance, and yes you’ll need another part 🙂

You’ll need to replace the skewer on your Boardman with one for the turbo to grip onto. Tacx have one fitting for all their current turbos, so the skewer is easily found. Can’t be 100% certain it’ll work with this because it looks quite old (Tacx night have changed their design a while back) but the skewer isnt expensive so I’d say order one from somewhere like wiggle and send it back if it’s not right?



You might be able to get it to sit with your existing QR levers on the wheel but it might feel a little unstable.

The Tacx QR is designed for fitting in the two circled things and just works best. The circled bit on the left is adjustable - you use that to set the overall width and the one on the right in your picture is a lever you can use to put the bike in and out quickly. Once it's setup and adjusted to your satisfaction it's very unlikely to need any tweaks later.
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