Adrenalin.... any good stories?

I have to get a new lawn mower carburetor and exhaust manifold thanks to a wasp. I hate that wasp.

I was mowing the lawn this last weekend, and all of a sudden felt a sharp pain near my left arm pit, looked down -somewhat incredulously -to see a wasp take a beeline (bad pun) from my t-shirt right down to my left calf whereupon it started to sting me multiple times. What did I do? I did the first thing I could to get out of there! I let go of the mower handle so the engine stopped and pushed it as fast as possible to the top of my drive -away from where the wasp was.

I ran inside, inspected my six (six!) stings with an objectionable symmetry of 3 stings close to my armpit and 3 on my calf -and silently muttered not very nice things about my wasp "friend". Ten minutes later I go outside to finish the mowing....

To be met with a mower with a completely bashed in carburetor. It is still a mystery to me how it happened! In my adrenalin fuelled sprint to get away, I have no, none, zero, nada recollection of hitting anything when I was running -and the mower didn't topple over either. And what's even more mystifying is that the carburetor is obviously on top and inside the radius of the metal skirt where the blade moves, so I had to have hit something that was probably overhanging... and there isn't anything like that between where I got stung and where the mower came to rest. Completely and utterly baffling.

I still hate that bloody wasp and harbour a lot of ill will against it. But it is amazing that the adrenalin rush I got has completely erased part of my memory!


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Good tactic.
One wasp to get rid of the human, then the rest of the hive then move in and take out the real problem, the mower.


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It was your neighbour who came around with the hammer as you ran inside, he smashed the carburettor in hope that you stopped your selfish act of making far too much noise mowing your lawn. I frigging hate those things, sat peacefully in my garden the neighbour over the way then starts up he excessively noisy mower & disturbs the whole scenario, take it as a hint & replace it with a quiet electric one, or better still get a goat.


I have a high adrenaline rush when angry with something that causes sudden shock pain.

It does dampen everything for a while.. Then it hurts just the same.

Crashing bikes motorcycles is a good example..
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