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Hey folks,

I am planning to spend up to 2k on a decent road bike so i’m looking to do my research and get some good advice and recommendations. I bought a bike on mail order about three years ago and promised never to do again as the fit and feel were all wrong!. I quickly got shot of it and made a promise to buy from local dealers who have a good range of makes and models.

The bikes that would be up for grabs include Wilier, Bianchi, Lapierre, Trek, Cube and Beone.

Does anyone have pointers for me on what would be the best brand, most reliable, level of stiffness and so on?. If you have one of these brands, what are your thoughts on the bike in general?

Also have a preference for an aluminium frame possibly with carbon forks and drops out to help me over the odd pot hole etc. Does anyone have any thoughts on this selection?

Looking forward to some help



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I think at that price point, pretty much anything you buy from a major manufacturer will be pretty decent. I'd go see what's available and more importantly what feels right when you test ride it... cos you WILL be test riding before spending £2000 wont you ;)

I would have thought that at 2K price range you'd be looking at full carbon or titanium tbh.
If it must be Alloy, then the Canondale CAAD range gets consistently great reviews.


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cheers K; yep definately get a test ride or two before I commit. Never really thought about full carbon or titanium...i suppose local bike shops may be ltd in what they have to offer in these but certainly worth a look.

If I had a pound for everyone that mentioned how good the Cannondales are.....theres a bike shop about 3/4 mile from me stocked with them will be getting a visit very soon

thanks again
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