advice on first bike needed please


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I assume you mean a modern Dawes Kingpin? If so they are a good folder.

Also make sure you check out the Dawes Jack and Dawes Silver, they are cheaper, check their specs side by side to see if the extra cost of the Kingpin is worth it
You might find the gearing a bit high, but that's easy to solve, a bike shop can do that for you.

I've a Dawes Jack, had it a few years now, I've carried out a few mods, lowering the gears, changing the shifters etc.

It's supported me ok and I'm no lightweight.



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I have rented a Brompton.

Thank goodness I didn't buy a bike of any size, new or old.
Yes, definitely worth really trying something out properly. Sometimes, a quick test ride from a shop is not enough. Better to try and live with something a day or so, riding where you're going to be riding regularly, so you can see if works for you.

Renting a Brompton for a couple of months completely sold me on getting one (well, two) after about 25 years of not cycling, but they're definitely not for everyone.

I hope you find the bike that suits. Then, the enjoyment will follow!


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I have taken it back now. I certainly ache and find I am covered in bruises and have a sprained thumb. (I admit that when I fell over it was into a crumpled heap which is an improvement).

After 'lockdown' is over I will get the 2 hour tuition on a full sized bike. Until then, and to get me out and cycling I have sourced an upright tricycle.

May i say thank you all so much for your help and encouragement. I will be back on 2 wheels eventually, just not now.

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