Advice on positioning for part of my commute


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Hi all

I'm going to switch to 100% road tonight, to test out a new route.

Part of that involves a dual carriageway, which is about 0.5 miles and has two sets of lights. I will naturally join this in the left lane.

This is a notorious black spot for traffic as the two lanes converge into one at the end of the 0.5 miles - and the traffic is likely to be at a standstill as far as two thirds back from the point of convergence.

If this happens, and there is no clear route past the cars on the left hand side, what course of action should I take?

I am concerned about getting out to the right hand side - partly because the dual carriageway element means that space may still be at a premium and it might be a difficult manoeuvre. Also, as the lane converges, traffic picks up again, and I may find myself stranded in the middle of the road.

I want to do the safe and considerate thing - what would you do?



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can you send a map link of the road in question.

Looking at your post.
If the traffic was at a standstill then I would filter down the middle of the 2 lanes if possible.
When the traffic starts moving will stay in left hand lane in primary at the speed of the traffic.


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yup, looked at it.
And stand by what I said above.
Filter down middle and if not possible keep primary in left hand lane to stop those on your right pushing in when near the junction.
Unfortunately there is no rushing on your part here. You will just have to be part of the moving traffic until you clear the junction.


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Thanks for the advice - much appreciated.

I had forgotten about this part of the route. I usually take the canal path to a position further up the road... will have to consider my options.


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I have a similar one that does the same
I have taken the safer option all the time
i.e. left if you can.....primary left if traffic moving slowly.....and sometimes I can go in right lane but obviously clipping all the wing mirrors as I go!
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