Advice on routes out of Nice


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I'm off on holiday to the south of France soon and if I'm lucky enough to get a day to myself I'm hoping to have a go at the col de Turini and col de la Porte. I'd hope to loosely base my day on the route of the final stage of this year's Paris-Nice, so starting and finishing in Nice, heading north, probably along D2204 (route de Turin), D2566 and D21.

The one thing that's worrying me so far is working out how to get out of Nice safely and easily. A lot of the roads north look like major routes (using google maps satellite images). I don't want to take too busy a route or too much of a diversion as I have a long day ahead of me!

So, any advice on how to get from central Nice (train station or maybe promenade des Anglais) to la Trinite/Drap?

Thanks in advance for all your help!


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It's not looking good, is it. I'm looking at multimap but am not encouraged by what I see.
Don't know about routes north east out of Nice but there's a nice cycle path along the coast which you can use to get out of the city, we used it to head west then turned north over the col de vence.


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The West side of Nice was a nightmare to cycle around when I was staying by there a couple years back.

The closest I've ever coming to seeing the pearly gates was the day we rode to the Decathlon, big dual carriageways everywhere (and you needed to be in the fast lane to make the turn)
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