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this year ive done more exercise than ever before, been cycling 100-200 miles a week, and going regularly to the gym. ive lost about 3.5 stone since xmas,

a few weeks ago i fainted in work after cycling in. i had no breakfast that day and just thought it was down to that. today in work it happened again and i was taken into hospital, had ecg's, blood pressure, blood sugar checked, blood tests done. all showing normal. doctor said need to be getting more rest and look at what im eating, anyone been in a similar position. i was feeling fine beforehand


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i had sort of the same thing happen to me whilst weight training. i never passed out, just got confused somewhat, i lost 40 mins somewhere, couldn't remember talking to the wife at all, i was asking her all sorts of questions that i knew the answers too, like time, date, peoples names etc. went to the docs ...ecg, blood pressure etc, zilch..rested for a week, fine after that, but was a bit wary first time training again, but now i only do light dumbell circuit training to hopefully enhance my cycling.....hope u r feeling fine now stephen.
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