aero position and seat height

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Andy Pandy

New Member
I currently have a set of bull horn bars fitted, which allow a reasonable aero position when cycling into a head wind. When I move into a tuck however, the seat height and position feels all wrong. Too much pressure on my delicate bits. Is this something I just need to get used to, or should the seat be adjusted for the different poistion?


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If you are doing time trials etc. then you might like to look into getting a triathlon specific saddle which has a lot more padding on the nose. If it is just the odd time when you want to get down on your road bike then either learn to live with it or think about something like a Fizik Arione which gives a wider than normal range of positions.


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I find tilting the saddle down at the front helps when running tri-bars. Unfortunatly this can make the saddle less comfortable when on the hoods, I suppose it's a case of finding the right balance for you, but certainly worth a go before splashing out on a new saddle.
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