AHhh don't you love it when...

Mr Phoebus

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Elmer Fudd;45793][quote name= said:
real[/i] stuff. Elmer and I are going to have a little chat about what constitutes a decent beer....:ohmy:
Totally agree chuffy, my poison is Guinness really, just grabbed the 1st picture I could find before anybody beat me to it.
I will now spend the next 6 hours whipping myself with bramble stalks as penance for my sin.
LORD, forgive me for I am sorry :biggrin:[/QUOTE]
Elmer,why suck on one of them? When you can suck on a Jake. :ohmy:

Elmer Fudd

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Mr Phoebus said:
Elmer,why suck on one of them? When you can suck on a Jake. :ohmy:

Mr. Phoebus.
Do you know how close to the edge all this talk of my Brum being demolished has put me and then you put a quip in like that ?
Do you know how hard it is to type on a keyboard standing on a wheeled chair with a noose attached to the light fitting ?
I tell you it aint no bloody picnic mate ! :blush:
(where's me fags ?)

Mr Phoebus

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Aperitif said:
There's a picture of Jesus in there! Look closely.

(I was going to say that thios picture is the dog's bo****** but that, like most else, would be stupid:tongue: )

But it is Jesus and no, I haven't been on the ketamine :blush:
Have you ever seen Jesus smoking a huge cigar? :ohmy:


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WTF! I come back from the pub and find my feelgood topic sullied by cat's arses and nasty euro beers!
Here's a tip:
Beer should be a shade of brown, not a shade of yellow.
Keep that in mind and you'll do much better.
Also.. Never lick a cat's arse, especially if it's gingerish.
Chuffy, I am badgerman not badger boy.
Thanksbye g'nite.
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