AHhh don't you love it when...

Mr Phoebus

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Brock said:
WTF! I come back from the pub and find my feelgood topic sullied by cat's arses and nasty euro beers!
Here's a tip:
Beer should be a shade of brown, not a shade of yellow.
Keep that in mind and you'll do much better.
Also.. Never lick a cat's arse, especially if it's gingerish.
Chuffy, I am badgerman not badger boy.
Thanksbye g'nite.
Both in the same sentence! :blush:


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Chuffy said:
Brock - How about Badgerchap?
That sounds like something I might catch whilst rambling in the West Country. I'd probably stagger painfully into a dusty local inn and be persuaded by a cider addled bleating old crone to rub ragwort on it.

No beer left this evening, but I did at least have a tailwind home. :blush:
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