Air pressure confusion?


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Recently I bought a new tyre and inner tube since my old one has a massive tear,
my old inner tube 700x23c said to raise pressure to 100 psi to 110 psi
my new inner tube is a 700c x18-28, so my question is that do i raise the pressure to the same (100-110psi) to get it to fit to 23mm or is it different also my new tyre says 80-140psi


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I would just inflate the tube to somewhere in the range written on the outside of the tyre that you are matching it to.


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So long as your tube fits the tyre then go with the PSI recommendation on the tyre.
I made the mistake the other day of not noticing that the new folding tyre I'd bought was 100 PSI max, so happily stuck in my usual 120 and was very surprised when the tyre bulged out and exploded. :eek:
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