Airnimal Rhino and Trailer

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Isle of Wight
Does anyone have experience of using a trailer with an Airnimal Rhino? I am thinking of a single wheel trailer like a Bob Yak or Topeak for an extended tour, but unsure if these will work with the small-wheeled Rhino. Other methods of carrying luggage on a rhino appear limited, and I have tried several.


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No experience with a Rhino. I owned a Joey for a while and I have a Bob Yak- but didn't own them at the same time. Trailer attaches to a modified QR skewer- it would have fit the Joey in this respect. As for smaller wheels I've seen Bob Yak's being used with Moulton bicycles and other small wheelers. Might be worth asking both Airnimal and BoB- outside chance they may be able to help.
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