Aldi 11 July

Just a few items: Glasses, computers, cheapo helmets.

Bike lift, excellent at £4.99


I'm going to have a ride over to the Hoddesdon store in the morning and get some brake blocks. My LBS charged me £8 for one pair of Fibrax cantilever blocks a couple of weeks ago, Aldi have them for £2.99 for two pairs so worth a punt.


Market Rasen
Went and bough one today. It is a bikemate one.
It looks OK. The buttons are a bit hard to operate

It is wireless, has a heartrate monitor belt and boasts the following functions.
current speed
speed comparison
average speed
max speed
odometer (x2) + total
odometer memory
trip distance (x2)
timer forward / backward
auto stopwatch for riding time
wheel settings (x2)
current heart rate
average heart rate
manually adjustable training limits + storage of same
training zone alarm (audio and visual)
current and total calories burned
calorie target for training
fat burned display

Almost bought one of the bike hoists, but in the end decided not to as I would like a proper workstand.
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