All I want for Christmas is ...

rugby bloke

I am sure you have all been very good boys and girls this year so you will no doubt be rewarded with a visit from the big man and his bulging sack ...
What are you hoping that he will deliver ?

As I am going to Merbel for a skiing holiday on the 23rd, for me Christmas has come early in the form of a big over night dump of snow. The resort has gone from mostly green and fully white overnight, so fingers crossed it does not melt.

How about everyone else ?


(if specified)
South Wales
World Peace


Into my 64th
I'm somewhat shallow so I'm going down the materialistic route:

A Chelsea FC Hoody.

A Lego Technics Bugatti Veyron or Porsche GT3.

Some Bawbags

A box of good quality liqueur chocolates.

A box of Black Magic.

(I like chocolate but I'm not allowed it very often!)


Heavy Metal Fan
I want everyone to have a nice day, which it should be because it's the first year for ages that my sister and her family will be there with us. I've asked for a couple of things (a clock for my kitchen being one) and hinted at some clothes vouchers, but any material thing will be a bonus. I've actually enjoyed choosing presents for people this year and have got into the seasonal cheer somewhat.
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