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South Wales
Just a quick question how good is the specialized Allez 2010 frame, I all ready have a 105 groupset and mavic ellite wheels to add to the frame.

I read a review on Bike Radar of the Allez Vs the Giant Defy, they liked the Defy frame better.


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Sunny Wakefield
I have a defy 4 frame (2010) if you want to make an offer for it. It's the XL one. Probably worth mentioning that I crashed it... have a look at my profile pic.

There was no visiable damage to the frame- there's a paint chip on the cross bar- but quite a bit of other stuff on the bike broke... forks are gone, handlebars are bent, rest of it looks ok though!
I can send photos if you're at all tempted.


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Ive got a Giant defy with mavics and in my opinion its far better than my flatmates allez! much stiffer and to me its great!
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