Do you have an allotment or a garden

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How much does it cost to Oldham?
yes. blinking large it is too.
A garden but want a bigger one !
(-> bigger veg patch, more soft fruits, etc)

My aunt&uncle used to have an allotment ("the plot") when I was a kid, about 200yds from their house.
That seemed OK, but I wouldn't fancy having to travel miles (and I mean literally miles, cos that's how far away the nearest ones are from us - complete with 4+ year waiting list...)


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Mine was about 200 yards away when I took it on, then I moved - it's more like a mile now... Hence sometimes it gets neglected a bit. Not far, I know, but it makes it easier to think "Oh, not today, I'll nip down tomorrow..."

And I have two window boxes - herbs in one, tomato in the other...


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Little back garden and little front garden, and allotment. The front is very shaded, so I've replanted it with shade loving plants. Several varieties of Rubus (like loganberry, salmonberry, dewberry, american black cap raspberry, and a couple of ornamental ones), some Ribes (golden currant, gooseberry), two shade tolerant climning roses, elaeagnus that will cross pollinate each other, berberris, Japonica 'cido', cherry laurel 'lemon dazzler' and 'mount etna', Amelanchier canadensis, a little hawthorn tree, southernwood, fuchsia 'magellanica gracilis' and other bits and bobs.

The back gets a little more light, so I grow tomatoes, tayberries, strawberries, sorrel, lettuce, mizuna and other leafy salad veg there, as well as more gooseberries, blueberries, and in pots some trees (cherry, peach, apricot - all youngsters, no crops yet). Little asparagus bed and some currants tucked in to the side, along with sunflowers, dahlias, sweet peas, and the herb garden. Other bits go in and out of the beds as they fit. Sounds a lot, but its a small space.

The allotment is for the big, bulky stuff. Got all manner of stuff down there, as listed on the other thread.


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Oh, and a friend has just moved in down the road from here. Might be forced to take over their garden, its terribly bare and offends me.


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I've got a few things growing in the garden, tomatoes, apples, lettuce, loads of herbs. But most stuff is a bit waterlogged at the moment.


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Mrs Palinurus wanted an allotment so we got one a couple of years ago, no garden 'cos we live in a small rented flat.

Never done any kind of gardening before but I've quite taken to it now. The plot isn't neat, but it's fairly productive- for both good stuff and weeds/brambles/unidentifiable bushes. I have a pretty lazy approach to the whole thing (or I try to- when I first ordered some cow shite from the local dairy they sent a whopping great trailer and it took me five hours to barrow it to my plot). Our plot is smaller than the ususal size, which is good 'cos I'd never manage a whole one.


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we've got a tiny garden (although some space the numerous bike and 2 rabbit hutches and a rabit run). We took on an alottment a couple of years ago. As we don't have too much time to keep it looking good bits of it become a little wild but we're currently eating onions, garlic, raspberries, and mange tout from it. I find it a very restful place to be.


I've got a large garden where grass and weeds grow and the pet rabbit eats away at them. A couple of apple and pear trees too but they all bear fruit at one time and we struggle to even give the fruit away.

Main uses of garden are:

sitting on chair reading paper

sitting on lounger drinking beer

sitting on patio eating

repairing and testing bike

playing football with son
<estate agent> This fantastic house benefits from a Mediterranean-style patio area </estate agent>

Our rented, slug-infested slum has a back yard. I have managed to grow tomatoes, herbs, some baby carrots, a huge blackberry bush (minus spines) and some extra large snails.

And yeah, the slugs are INSIDE.


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If you feed the snails on lettuce for a week, starve them for two days, boil gently till they flop out of the shells and you can cut them out, saute in garlic butter... Hmmm, tasty. Better again boiled as above and chopped in with a wild mushroo risotto.


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I've got a big garden. Half used to be a veg patch, but now my mum uses old barrels, car tyres, an old sink, and a small area for other veg. The veg did well last year, we might be on holiday when everything is ready this year.
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