Almost mangled this morning (2)


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I posted on 7th Feb about a crazy woman who almost had me off (my bike!!!:biggrin::tongue:).
Today, the same woman (I think) almost demolished a traffic island, in almost the same place.

There I was, in Primary, doing just a bit under 20 mph, heading towards a pinch-point created by the traffic island. Car No 1 (rather lacking in consideration, but not grossly so) overtakes. This stupid, stupid cow, who is not fit to be on the road, pulled out and followed car No 1. But she couldn't see the TI, cos she was too close to the car in front. Car No 1 pulls in ok, to reveal to the the stupid cow that she's heading straight for a TI at 30 mph. Violent swerve and screech of brakes. Looks of astonishment from other road users. Cry of protest from me ( I wasn't, fortunately at any immediate risk).

I caught up with her at the TL's. I tried to attrack her attention, but, as on the previous occasion, she just sat there, clutching the steering wheel like a life-belt, and gazing fixedly through the windscreen.

That's twice in a couple of weeks I've seen this person drive in a way that could have resulted in injury or death to other road users. She seems to be quite unaware or indifferent to what she is doing.

She really needs to get out of her car, for the safety of the rest of us.

(reminds self to stick to strong primary other than when it's safe for me not to!!)


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Worth popping down to see the local Police about it?

I'm not suggesting you're being aggressive, but she seems to be following the advice on road-rage (don't engage with the other party) when you catch up with her. Therefore you can't discuss her (lack of) driving skills, so maybe a polite word from the Police might make her think a bit more about her driving.

From your accounts you seem to deal with the situations in a pretty calm manner, and I'd guess that if you employed the same manner with the Police they'd probably be happy to make a phone call to the driver or pop round for a chat...
Good idea Landslice. A quiet word by the police might make her think twice about her driving. Of course the police might not think it worthwhile but it doesn't hurt to try.
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