Alongha Brakes- replacement pad recommendations?


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Greetings all, I fitted the long reach Alongha's last week and they "were" wonderful till today when I got caught out in the wet .... totally useless - almost dangerous. (I'd thoroughly cleaned the rim and block surface with meths after fitting) Can anybody recommend replacement blocks which operate reasonably well in all conditions. I don't tour on this bike so it carries no weight and there are few hills round here so nothing miraculous is necessary, just functional would be nice. BTW As posted on CTC, these are advertised as taking a min of 49mm drop I can confirm in reality its nearer 55mm sp take care.

Thanks Bob

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
'Kool Stop' have a good reputation for replacement brake blocks. I've used them on a variety of brakes and have no reason to believe they wouldn't work on Alonghas.


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Thanks Tim, I have them ( the salmon? ones) on the V brakes on my MTB but couldnt find any for caliper brakes - at least not on Wiggle or Chain Reactions . I'll have another look now
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