Alrete! From Sheffield

Just started getting into cycling again, did a bit of messing about a few years ago but I was just a kid with an apollo so never properly got into it.
My dad gave me his old Raleigh a couple of weeks back and since using it every day I've realised how useful it is having a bike. However the bike was truly awful so I picked up a new one. I haven't got much money so I went for a Giant GSR FS. I know it's not brilliant in the grand scheme of things but it was within my price range 2nd hand (£67) in fairly good condition (just a few chips in the paintwork) and has got to be better than the Halfords-bought thing my dad gave me.

Over the past week me and one of my mates who was into biking already have been riding a fair amount, mostly on road but we've been up into the country a couple of times. I know MTB's arent exactly perfect for mostly road-riding but I much prefer off-road stuff and am going to try and get out into some rougher terrain as much as I can.

Picking the bike up tomorrow so I'll see what it's like but until then, has anyone had this bike? And if so, what was it like to ride?


p.s I got the Giant with the goal of (very) slowly upgrading it until its half-decent.
dont know anything about mountain bikes sorry but welcome the site is very helpfull


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Welcome to the forum.

My advice is: if you have a limited budget, be cautious with serious off-roading as it's pretty hard going on the bike (and rider) and you'll find you'll be replacing broken parts very frequently. Have fun though!
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