Also nearly knocked a cyclist off


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Lights were green in my favour but traffic was bumper to bumper. I stopped because lemming peds decided that now was the right time to cross. This did not impress the cyclist behind me. Similar to martint235's issue this morning.

Him: "Keep Going!"
Me: "I didn't want to run anyone over"
Him: "Oh don't worry about them. So I don't have to brake behind you"
Me: "Should have been looking out then."

Yes. I am not impressed with my last comment. I should have kept my mouth shut.


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No you shouldn't have kept your mouth shut. You said the right thing.
"So I don't have to brake behind you".
What, precisely, is he trying to put forward there? The idea that he should only have to brake when he's ahead of you? Yes, the peds shouldn't have crossed, that does not give cyclists carte blanche to try and injure them!

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Did he say "Sorry, I didn't have a great Sunday ride"? Bit of a ding-a-ling - got himself into a situation just down the road between the roadworks and the next m-cycle.
Probably would impatiently blast horn at anyone stopping or slowing for a hazard in a car too

Perhaps a new acronym is required, MOB, like POB but Motons on Bikes?


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Oops! I had to emergency stop for a car in front of me on HPC, I'd gotten a bit too close and they did an emergency stop for some idiot RLJing car driver. What was scary was how much closer the cabbie behind me got!!

I didn't shout at the driver though. Like your mucker on the bike behind you, it was my own fault.


He didn't look properly when getting back into the other lane either and nearly had an intimate moment with the motorbike. He's just a muppet applying for a Darwin award.


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So he wanted you to knock the peds over then? His all round observation was crap as well, he didn't check over his right shoulder before changing lanes, and nearly hit the biker! What a tool.


Cyclist nearly knocked himself off behind me (oh er!) should have been the thread title....
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