Am I being unreasonable?

Warning - I should maybe have done this in P&L, but I'm not wanting to rant, I am genuinely curious.

Given what's going on in the Gulf of Mexico, am I being unreasonable in turning against BP or should I be buying their fuel / supporting their forecourts so they have the money to correct the dreadful damage they have done (and they are blameless because it is all Halliburton's fault anyway)?
No I don't think you are being unreasonable. It doesn't really make a difference where you buy your fuel however: tesco, asda, shell etc ufortunately you'll find that it all comes through a BP plant like Grangemouth :-(


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i think it's a tragic disaster that they are obviously trying their hardest to mend. however, it begs the question whether they are keeping their efforts in-house or whether they have asked for help from other engineers world wide. Surely, someone has the answer?
Deep Horizon was just one of more than 4000 rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, which in turn are a fraction of the oil rigs worldwide, so however many million gallons a day are spewing out of the sea bed and washing up on to beaches is a tiny fraction of what is being set alight every day. It's all a fecking disaster.

Were all doomed. Doomed!!


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Unless you subscribe to the belief that all oil companies are totally evil,( and there are plenty of people who do), my totally un-informed guess is that BP is probably about as good as they come. They are not exactly cowboys.
Would you really expect to take millions of gallons of oil from under the sea bed without spilling some now and again?

It has happened in the past and will happen again no matter which company runs it so taking your custom elsewhere does no good.

If yo want to stop it then stop using oil and oil derived products.

BP fulfil the demand for oil.
Seems a bit strange how we can get the hump when we need this stuff to run our vehicles and power our homes...So how you can have the hump with BP (If you have) I will never know...It's is unfortunate what has happened but it's a risk that can go tits up obviously....I bet they didn't do it deliberately....

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I never learned to drive (originally due to illness), so I've been doin' my bit for years thankyou very much.

Doug - I don't even have the first clue what the price of petrol is now, and nor do I really care as I don't have to buy the stuff.


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Did anybody see the documentary a few years ago about a big spill off the British Isles where it was discovered that bacteria gobbled up the oil and within a few years it had all disappeared anyway?

More worrying to me is that amount of gas that is being flared off because oil companies don't want to spend money on the liquification plants needed to enable it to be transported and burned usefully elsewhere.

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The Braer?? (Shetlands)

The Sea Empress?? (Pembroke)

I remember hearing that the rough seas round the Shetlands broke up and dispersed with most of the oil spilled from the Braer.
With allegations of cost-cutting, use of known, flawed prevention controls and possibly poor works specification and some allegedly rash management / production decisions, it is easy to poke blame at BP - a company with an alleged poor safety reputation within the industry.

But a generous view would be they are following industry norms and need support to get this under control and any form of effective boycott might reduce their effort for controlling, cleanig up and making reparation.

A cynical view would be that while they harp on that so far, it has only cost them a v small % of their profits, then they are money grabbing shysters putting profit before all else and they should rot in their own filth.


Mad Doug Biker said:
Doug - I don't even have the first clue what the price of petrol is now, and nor do I really care as I don't have to buy the stuff.
OTOH your house is full of plastic products and much of what you wear, eat and do is only possible because of petroleum extraction.

Given that we have run out of all the easy places to get the stuff, we are always going to get spillages - and serious ones - because the kit is being used at the limits of performance and it is operated by humans.

And as to the Americans - well, they could try using less. Just as you do, MDB.
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