Amazing handle bar setup - joke?


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Nah, just the wheel/bars rotated through 180 degrees - check the brakes.


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...thumb activated brake levers


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Take a look at the 'description' and you will get some idea of the vendor's mentality:
"Comes with Twist operation gears, I don’t know how many of em not sure how you work that out but I’d say at least 10 gears (possibly 18). Either way, all I know is I peddled along happily changing gears. Why is it you can go from peddling nice and gently to going like a hyperactive mad thing getting nowhere on these bike? Nearly gave me heart attack. ha ha ha
I bought the bike a while back with full intensions of using it to get fit, Yeah right - I’m a lazy g1t and having peddled my brains out on it for an amazing 5 mins, decided to stick to using the car. I’m getting to old for all that fitness lark. :-) don’t know about doing me good, nearly killed me! ha ha"

Yes, ha ha ha. Would you buy a bike from someone who couldn't even work out how many gears it had?


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Can't work out if the seller is an idiot or a thief.

Must have exceptionally short legs though if he can ride that without banging his knees.

It's HPI clear though :smile:
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