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  1. Hi guys,

    I plan to cycle the 200mile journey from Amsterdam to Luxembourg at the beginning of June. I've tried to google some information on the trip, but it appears I'm the first one in history to attempt such a journey. I'm thinking about taking 2-3 days in which to do it

    So, any tips would be greatly appreciated. Is it better to go as myself or as a group? and If I go as a group, where can I find other members? (Anyone here want to join me?) I'm thinking of taking a tent with me then pitching in a field whenever I feel like retiring for the evening. Will this get me shot by an angry farmer? And any route suggestions?

    Obviously the trip is still at its early stages of planning, but I'm not too experienced and thought I should speak to an expert or two before I just pack my bag and set off. I don't want to end up on the side of a milk carton.

    Thanks all

  2. ChrisKH

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    Don't be so sure about being the first; my father in law was doing trips between Luxembourg City and Holland, Belgium, and Paris (obviously not all at once) in the late forties, early fifities. He pulled a trailer and camped wild. Not sure how easy or legal that would be today. He is actually in Luxembourg at the mo, at a reunion of his old school and cycling buddies. Good luck, it sounds like it would be a good trip.
  3. Will1962

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  4. Haitch

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  5. snorri

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    Unlikely to get shot, but wild camping is illegal in The Netherlands.

    PS You might get a better response in Touring and Expedition.
  6. Fietslogies

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