Amsterdam to Utrecht (LF7)

Hurricane Steve

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Hi Community
Next year I plan to cycle from Amsterdam to Berlin, starting on the LF7 (Amsterdam to Utrecht) then onto the LF4 (Utrecht to Arnhem), and from here follow the R1 through Germany. My problem is this I have the LF4 and R1 maps but cant find the LF7 anywhere. Does anybody have a tip, link or idea. Google maps does not zoom in far enough to make my own!!!! The other idea is if these routes are as well sign posted as they say then its a matter of following numbers isnt it?. The snag comes to finding a camp site on route or working out a distance to the next stop.

I see Utrecht - Arnhem is aprox 90/100km, so Utrecht Amsterdam about the same distance and this one could do in three days with a bit of room to spare. If the route is fantastic then four days.

Any help or comments will be appreciated.


Is this any help?

You can download a GPS route

Alternatively try

where you can order a paper copy

I suspect that the route itself is pretty well signposted.


Flim Flormally
Hi Steve,

If you are cycling from Amsterdam to Arnhem I would recommend avoiding Utrecht. A more direct route (probably via Amersfoort) will shave 30/40 km off the ride and reduce the trip to about 100 km, which you can easily cycle in one day (it is pancake flat).

This site provides a good route at only 95 km.

If you make a note of the towns on the route (probably Hilversum - Amersfoort -Arnhem) you can follow the red cyclists' signposts and arrive without getting lost. The "LF" routes are OK but circuitous. They tend to divert you so that you cycle via tourist attractions, fine if that's what you want but frustrating if you want to get from A to B.

Hurricane Steve

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Hi Alan H
WOW is what I can say, it looks like the two of us have the same thing as far as cycling goes in common. The site is hammer!!! and will be used from now on. I think one could always divert once the basic route has been found. This site is also something I have found today where you can select the route from A to B and then send to a GPS unit, print, publish or share for others.
Many thanks for the help and info.
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