An encounter with South American gypsies


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Crankarm said:

Have been dipping in and out of this chap's tour in South America on CGOAB. He writes of an encounter with gypsies which perhaps could have been a lot worse .......
Thanks for that link, was quite an interesting story.
My brother, a non-cyclist, once borrowed an old bike of mine, with a Spanish Peseta used on one part of the bike as a washer! He used it to cycle to his current girlfriend at the time, who lived several miles away. He didn't encounter any gypsies, but did take his chances in a brick bus shelter and slept there.


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hubbike said:
This guy has his fair share of bad luck eh?! I saw these gypsy tents all across chile and gave them a wide berth..and bus shelters are a wonderful invention.
You often make your own luck; like you, I would have given them a wide berth.
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