An interesting idea for those missing touring....

I came across this today on the CGOAB site

Basically, someone wrote up a virtual LEJOG, cycling the daily distance, researching the route online, then writing it up as a "virtual" tour, complete with photos!

I thought it was a fantastic idea;
  • Inspiration to get out on the bike
  • Real world research for an actual tour
  • A real world test of our capabilities (especially if you throw on some panniers^_^)
  • Easily customisable so we could complete a tour on weekends or take a long way home on the commute
  • It could be anywhere in the world....
  • The only limit is imagination!
I immediately thought of Spain and imagined returning home to a bottle of vino tinto, some chorizo and tapas! ^_^


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I virtually rode from home to Paris in 11 days last month. My ride to work is 20km and I extended my rides home and put in a long ride at the weekend. 1112km so it worked out at an average of 101km per day.
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I may be wrong but I'd imagine you don't need much motivation to head out on a bike?
How did you choose the "route"?
Did you do anything special as a reward or treat or to mark off a significant waypoint?
How'd you get home? ^_^

I think it's very inspirational that someone can look at their weekly kms and translate those to a destination. Denmark to Paris in a couple of weeks - lots of people can do that!


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I ride my 40km most days of the year so adding a bit on in summer is not a problem. I planned the route with Maplocs and it was really just a very basic route. I chose Paris because lots of teams do it from Denmark each year for charity. Getting home was the easy bit 😁


I love the idea. You've got my juicing flowing. After an exam on Wednesday I've more time to get out and ride. Just got to think of where to 'virtually' head.
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