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Hi all.
I have been lurking on the forums for a while availing myself of the myriad of knowledge that abounds. I have now decided to actually post, so thought the Welcome Mat would be the most appropriate place.

I am 55 years old, 5’ 9” tall and weigh 15 ½ stone. I played rugby for 35 of those years and picked up the usual knee, ankle, and back injuries. Over the past ten years my back problems have been getting steadily worse, largely due to sedentary work all week, then very active tree felling, fence building, hay carting etc...(for my wife's horses) at weekends. A little while ago this culminated in a successful back operation followed by four months of recuperation.
I want to start riding again to get fitter and lose about a stone to a stone and a half initially. I have dug out my mountain bike and fitted 1.50 inch slicks on it and started to ride about 45 minutes to an hour three times a week. I live half way up the North Downs in Kent, so I have hills either going out or coming back whichever routes I take. Other than a major road nearby, which I try to avoid, all the roads are village roads, mostly narrow and a lot of them with grass down the middle or small stones.
I wanted to get a new bike and having never had drop bars decided to try them out. I was worried about my back still, so narrowed my choice down to the Tricross and Secteur as they both seem to offer a fairly upright ride. I did consider a flat bar road bike but it did not seem to offer much more than the mountain bike with narrow slicks.

With a huge amount of help and advice from Norm (thank you so much) I decided on the Tricross and bought the Sport at the end of last week.
I have only been out for a couple of 30 minute rides so far, but I am loving it. It is completely different from what I am used to, but it sems so reponsive compared to the MTB.
I'm looking forward to playing around with it over the coming months.




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Hello Richard and welcome to the site. If Norm has recomended a bike then steer clear of it and buy something else it must be a good one, he knows what he's talking about that old fella :rolleyes:
Hello Richard, I'm a bit taller than you, a bit heavier than you, the same age and nothing that Norm or Ian says is worth a light...:smile:
Lose a stone and a half?! :ohmy: (Leave your wallet at home).
Actually Tricross is good - I was going to buy a single speed version this year, but it has been discontinued - yours is a robust all-action bike with good pedigree.
You need to make contact with redflightuk (John) on this forum, who has a horse called 'Red'...he knows how to shift hay you see, and it could work out well for your riding time...:biggrin:
Have fun.


Hi Richard,

Welcome to the forum! I am also from Kent and with a messed up back from rugby, boxing (and carrying an extra stone and a half in a flabby bag of beer round my waist), Norm is a good sort and the Tricross is a great bike!

As for Ian, well he will show his true colours in good time...Just remember, if your on a ride with Ian and he starts to reference his sat nav, push him in a ditch and go in the opposite direction or you will end up getting seperated, doing 25 extra miles and getting told off by 'er indoors' for taking so long when she was waiting for you to get back home so she could go shopping!


Have fun!


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Hello Richard and Welcome to the CC forums. :ohmy:

I'll look forward to seeing posts from you in the future. :laugh:

Has anybody on here actually worked out how many bikes Uncle "Specialized" Norm has sold over the last 9 months - he must be up for salesman of the year. ;) - :laugh:


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Thank you for your warm welcome The various comments about Norm noted.:biggrin::laugh:
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