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Recently, I've been working on the security of my wooden shed. However, I'm now wondering if I should purchase the shed shackle as an Anchor or not.

- Starting with the door I used laminate flooring (neighbor throw-it out) on the backside to strengthen it, put on new tee-hinges and two HASP's and secured with M6 coach bolts and nuts + locknuts.
- Frosted and Boarded up the window with sheet of polycarbonate-plastic bolted.
- Added some bolts around the inside to secure the roof on better.

At the moment I have three bikes, my boardman, & alongside my little girl's and my wife's moutian bikes. They a setup on a Mottez rack with a 11mm protector chain around frames and front wheels through the rack and nosed onto a Squire LBA1 wall/ground Anchor that I have secured with M10 bolts and shear nuts. Using a Master padlock.

I''m going to purchase a U-Lock too and attach it to my backwheel and frame for travel & not in use too. But I'm now wondering if this is enough or should I purchase the Shed Shackle alone or packaged with 13mm chain
& squire padlock for the bikes. Or just keep with the Squire anchor. Or for the money the shackle package would cost I could get a tracker.

If i did purchase the shackle I could use my Squire Anchor and 11mm chain for other items like power-washer and hose reel but Those aren't my concern, as I'm just worried about the bikes. Granted my boardman team is the highest spec out of the 3 and at that isn't the most expensive bike ever, I just hate thieves. And living in a run-down area right now I'm just always on Alert.



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I presume you're talking about this in which case, if you're still not feeling secure, I'd go for it. Only fair to mention I know the people behind the company (from motorcycling) and can vouch for them really caring about their products. Only thing to remember is all the locks in the world are only worth it if you use them, and the more you need to do to lock the bike up, the more likely you are to say 'sod it, that'll do'. Also, I wouldn't overlook other valuable stuff in the shed, unless you desperately want it nicked so you don't have to pressure wash the patio any more.

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I use a ground anchor in my shed for my best bike. Its great. I can't remember the name but again like WooHoo says its made by a company specialising in motorcycle security. Once i have a door on the garage all 3 bikes will be secured to the walls and i will have anchors put into the walls to secure the bikes again.

Well worth the money imho.


I go all old-school bike-shop with mine - they're all locked together with three different locks, and in the shed under my daughter's bedroom window. If anyone can be bothered breaking into the shed and then breaking three locks to get bikes worth £300 max (they're all old) whilst in a confined space (it's a low, bike store rather than a shed) without waking up my daughter (who wakes up if ladybirds cough) then I'd be too astonished to be annoyed (for 10 minutes, anyway)


Taking the other items in the hut out of the equation. Really I'm asking do you think this is secure enough or do you think having the Shed Shackle vs this setup would be better off.

Really it comes down to all good the chain and padlock actually is. 11mm Protector chain around three bikes. So your going to need to get through that either way if I have the Squire anchor to the wall or the Shed Shackle to the wall.

Even if you somehow pull the anchor off the wall then I see it like there is no chance your going to lift three bikes and a bike rack out the hut and over a 6ft fence very easily.

So it all depends how the 11mm chain functions i guess.


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Got an alarm sensor in mind that connects wirelessly to the house. I was trained by the dib to get in where I'm not supposed to be and I can't figure out how to get in without activating it.

My shed is of course secured, but the defence in depth principle has been applied and there's quite a challenging outer permitted at the site for them to breach, with a secondary inner one, before they even get to the shed. Most people's gardens are nice, secluded and dark places at night which are very welcoming for Billy burglar. Better to try and keep them out the entire garden in the first place than to rely upon measures at the final target alone.
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