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also available in orange
Hi, I'm Tony and I reside in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire. After teaching my eldest to ride his bike without stabilisers, I thought 'I could get into a bit of cycling' so here I am :smile:.

I've currently got a sub-standard mtb (Optima Beartrap, £20 from my brother in law) but I'm looking at road bikes as and when money is available (that B'twin triban 3 looks great value for money :smile: ). In the meantime, I'm looking at spending a little bit at making the aforementioned bike a little bit more at home on the road. There will be questions!

Thanks :smile:


Cheshire Celt



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Welcome to the site outlash! Cycling new starter myself, I'm sure you will love it. Cycling would be a great family activity. Unfortunately in my case the little one is a bit young for the cycling at 5 months :laugh: otherwise he'd be out with me all the time.
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