Android google app - wot's it do?

My somewhat aged Android tab, on android 6, recently decided it couldn't update this app.

So I disabled it.

From memory when I have "disabled" these pre-installed things before, which can't be uninstalled, I have been then forever plagued to update them again from the original factory one, and have then given in, afraid that by not doing I was leaving a security hole.

But this one didn't.

I can see no loss of functionality.

And in fact have gained massively , as for a while my tab has been taking 5 minutes or so to fire up, delayed by some operation which, from memory, is a notice that it is optimising battery consumption on a single app.

I had in the past attempted to sort this by selectively deleting various apps, but nothing worked.

I didn't delete the google app as it couldn't be uninstalled and assumed that disabling it would just cause the future nags referred to above.

So now all is fine and dandy.

But this just leaves the question.

What the hell does that google app do anyway?

(For me, not google)

dave r

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What app was it?
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ah, from that I see that it's bloody useless.

I can search for what I need myself.

I had assumed before that because of it's name it was a key part of the operating system/environment or whatever.

I also seem to remember that the damn thing was forever pleading to be updated with large updates.

For no apparent benefit.

Well shut of it I think.


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As it looks like you need a new tablet can I suggest you get an an iPad, you’ll never be worried by the Google app again ^_^
I don't need a new tab thanks.
It's a Lenovo 7 inch, still going strong, prefer it to the samsung 10 inch, use it for everything, reading loads of books, osmand for bike touring. It syncs to my two chromebooks. When it eventually dies i will most likely get another lenovo. Have bad professional memories of apple.
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