Ankev has cocked up his registration and been banned!

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Andy Kevill has sent me a private email to say that something has gone wrong with his registration as "ankev" and he can't get in. He's a thoroughly decent chap and of benefit to any forum, so could you please have a look and see if you can sort it out and register him.


Moray Firth
i have noticed someone named 'andy in sig' posting here. He could be an imposter, but wouldn't it be too much of a coincidence? his speciality is exactly that of the former Ankev, ie, peddling deeply flawed and reactionary views from the home of Marx.

Its enough to make one squirm.

Andy in Sig

Vice President in Exile
Indeed boys, 'tis I. I suppose I could stick with this name for now. I'll never be happy with IT until they develop a computer which does what you tell it to do while you're slurping on a cup of tea and absentmindedly getting all the commands wrong.


Okay, well, I checked for a user named "ankev" and no one has registered that username.

If you want me to convert "Andy in sig" to "ankev" let me know - it's do-able! [real word?]
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