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Kirsty Warke from Newsnight


Brock said:
In what way does Kylie ever come into the 'shouldn't' bracket??

Gosh that sounds wrong doesn't it?
I'd like to come in her shouldn't shunt bracket.
hmm, can see your point...


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Chuffy said:
You could do a Tea special and build a bike powered tea and biskit dispensing machine. :biggrin:
What sort of a mug do you think I am?:sad:

No, I couldn't, LOTP would be very upset, and that would never do!:tongue:
We really do not want any upset Tea Pots do we. :smile:

Did you not see my photo of the bike-powered radio? :wacko:

Should I be surprised that there are no other nominations for Maddest Person on this Forum 2007? :tongue:
Baggy said:
I think discovering her nut-bag might throw you off your stride. :sad:
Takes more than that.... you well know. :tongue::tongue:
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