Annecy, France

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  1. Planning on a stay in or near Annecy and the lake during the summer. My wife likes to cycle but does not do hills very well, so my question: Is there much flatish cycling in that area?
    Need to keep her happy (ish) then I can enjoy my own thing ‍♀️
  2. YukonBoy

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    Ultima Thule
    She may be able to hire an e bike. They have really taken off in the Alps.
  3. Goldenretriever

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    Theres a cycle track all the way around the lake, I think approx 25 miles long. Absolutely beautiful area
  4. theloafer

    theloafer Guru

    newton aycliffe
  5. robgul

    robgul Guru

    Yep - there's an on-road section with a bit of a hill just to the north of Talloires on the eastern side of the lake - otherwise pretty flat - and several cafe stops on the western side.

  6. OP

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    Thanks Rob, if she is happy it makes my holiday easier
  7. OP

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  8. TheDoctor

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    There's also a converted railway line that goes towards Albertville. It has a tunnel :biggrin:
  9. robgul

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    If you get the chance there are two great rides from Annecy ...

    1 Up and over the Col de la Forclaz (I think there are 2 of these at different parts of the alps) - this one is just to the east the lake - the view at top is spectacular ... up from the Annecy end end down to the Albertville end is better.
    This is from the top cb-majestic.jpg

    2 On the western side there is a crater high up - you can get the bus with your bike from Annecy railway station - just ride down. It's amazing long, long straights and then hairpin bends - cafe half way down where you can stop, have coffee and still ride all the way down to the lake without pedaling

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    I think it's always worth reinforcing that Alpine climbs aren't really scary at all: the main ones are rarely steep, and if you just keep turning the pedals over long enough, you'll get to the top. It's more like riding on the flat into a gentle headwind for an hour, but with much better views. Guests who stay with me who have never ridden up a proper mountain nearly always surprise themselves.

    Anyway, another vote here for the lakeside bike path - beautiful.

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  11. Donger

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    Quedgeley, Glos.
    Last time I went (a couple of years ago) they hadn't yet completed the cycle path on the East side of the lake, but it runs all the way from Annecy along the west bank of the lake (following an old railway path) and along the valley through Faverges to Ugine. (I'm guessing 25 miles in all). A fantastic facility shared by cyclists and roller bladers that I would be happy to use every day. Great mountain and lake views while pan flat all the way. Then off both sides there are regular climbs to be done if you want. The Semnoz, Col de Leschaux, Cote de Puget, Combe d'Ire and Col de Tamie on one side and the Col de la Forclaz, Col de l'Epine and Col du Marais on the other.
    I just can't stay away, and am going back again later this year for a crack at the Col de la Colombiere and either the Col de la Croix Fry or the Col des Aravis.
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